Dairy Queen: Jack-O-Lantern Dilly Bar

As we passed by Dairy Queen on the way to the Robinson's Super Market at Robinson's Place, we noticed that they have a new ice cream just for this Halloween called the "Jack-O-Lantern Dilly Bar"
The poster looks really enticing.  We were so curious we just had to buy one.  Of course, we wanted to know if it is exactly the same as advertised. =D

Jack-O-Lantern Dilly Bar (39 php)
As I got it out of the wrapper, I was amazed that the Jack-O-Lantern Dilly Bar is even cuter than the poster.  It is a bit smaller than the usual dilly bar but cheaper too.  It is perfect for kids and kids at heart like us.  It is in reality the same as the original dilly bar except that this one is coated with orange colored white chocolate.  The brown part if the same chocolate dip as the original dilly bar though.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Jack-O-Lantern Dilly Bar is a fun Halloween ice treat for your kids and yourself.  The creativity of Dairy Queen is awesome.  It's a great way to break tradition and expand Halloween treats to include ice cream bars too.  Try it while available.

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