The Jeepney: International Buffet at Manila InterContinental Hotel

We've been receiving a mixed remarks among friends and relatives about Cafe Jeepney at Manila Intercontinental Hotel.  But, we did not let that persuade us into trying out more hotel buffets.   We wanted to experience it first hand and share it with you too.

cafe jeepney buffet intecon manila
The direct door towards Cafe Jeepney is closed so you have to go through Intercon's main entrance to go in.  Cafe Jeepney used offer buffet options exclusive to Filipino Cuisine.  Now, the ambiance of Cafe Jeepney with jeepney parts and figurines are still the same but the selections are more extensive because it includes International variations.

I initially intended to take a photo of the place and their offerings but as I got my camera out, I was asked for a permit from their PR department.  Of course, I did not have one and didn't bother to get one since I came for my own enjoyment.  But, the server told me I'm allowed to take a picture of what I ate so I got everything that's available save the seafood grilling station just for me to be able to take a photo of them to share.

Japanese Section
The Japanese Section has a sushi bar and a soup section. 

sushi jeepney buffet
♥ Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi ♥ Shrimp Sushi and California Maki
The Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi were fresh and delicious.  The California Maki was good but nothing special.  It was my first time to try a Shrimp Sushi and surprisingly it was so good that I enjoyed it even more than my favorite Salmon Sashimi.  I had to come back on a second refill just for the soft and sweet sensation it bring to my mouth.

miso soup jeepney buffet
♥ Miso Soup
I loved their soup section.  The miso broth is separated from the wakame and tofu so you can choose how much of each ingredient you want.  It was a delightful Miso Soup because all the ingredients were of fresh quality. 

Soup and Pastry Section
onion soup breads
Onion Soup, Hard Roll and ♥ Pretzel
The Onion Soup is chunky just the way I like it.  You can add some cheese in it too if you want. I just opted to taste its natural flavor.  The Hard Roll is nothing extraordinary but I loved the Pretzel.  

Salad Bar
♥ Ceasar Salad
My mom was so excitedly  used their mixing bowl and made this beautiful Ceasar Salad.  My mom loved the Ceasar Salad at Guenicas were the it was customary for them to prepare it infront of us.  I guess that sparked my mom's enthusiasm.

The salad section has other salad dressing and prepared salads too.

Main Course
jeepney buffet

jeepney buffet
Other Viands,/b>
I'm sorry I could not remember the names of every dish but all them were good.  There is a carving section with ♥ Roast Beef.  It was tender and succulent.  

shrimp tempura
Tempura Shrimp
The Tempura Shrimp had a fair quality.  The quality of the shrimp is fresh and tasty but the batter could have been better.

Dessert Section
dessert section
Dessert Section
The Dessert Section is the first thing that caught my attention and so this is the only shot I got.  This section was more extension than the rest.  And, I'm very please to know that. 

dessert jeepney buffet intercon
My Dessert Plate

dessert jeepney buffet intercon

bailey panacotta
Bailey Panacotta
I got everything except for the Red Velvet Cake.   Although everything was delightful, the ♥ Asher Cake stood out from the rest.  It's rich, smooth and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate taste is just magical.  It was similar to the Opera Cake that Bizu offered

mango crepe samurai
Mango Crepe Samurai
black gulaman
Black Gulaman
They had a Black Gulaman and beside it is a mountain of shaved ice.  That way, you can choose to put the amount of ice you want.  And, it also ensured that the Black Gulaman is always chilled.

halo halo
Their Halo-halo section had all the ingredients.  I chose my favorites and made a Halo-Halo according to my preference.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cafe Jeepney's international buffet may not be as extensive as other buffets but the food selections are of quality.  It is a complete course in itself and quite satisfying.  In fact, it's difficult to try all the dishes because it could get overwhelming.  I also like that their system allows diners some customization.  The service is trully commendable as well.  The servers are very attentive in addressing to our every need even to such detail as folding our napkins whenever we stood up for a refill.  They were very courteous and happy to serve too which added joy to our dining experience.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Cafe Jeepney Buffet Price
Ambiance 1760++
=Favorites or Recommended 
Cafe Jeepney at Manila InterContinental Hotel
Business Address No.1 Ayala Avenue,
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 1,760
Free WiFi Yes (every 1,000 = 1 password)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 793-7000
Other  Website
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