Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival Mini: My Failed Mini Birthday Cake

The highlight of every birthday is the birthday cake.  This year, I thought of saving some cash by buying a Tayabel Pistanchio Sans Rival Mini from Ensogo.  


Everything went smoothly from my reservation to the pick-up at their house at Makati.  However, we were all surprised when the cake was handed over.


tayabel pistachio sans rival mini
As I received the box, I soon realized that I should have checked the details well.  As we read the highlights tab in Ensogo, it stated that its width is 4 inches and height is 3 inches.

tayabel pistachio sans rival mini

tayabel pistachio sans rival mini
Pistachio Sans Rival Mini (440 php)
All of the years we bought cakes from shops, delis and hotel bakeshops, we have never encountered a mini cake as pricey as Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival Mini.  The price was confirmed by Tayabel through email too.

tayabel pistachio sans rival mini
Pistachio Sans Rival Mini (440 php)
The taste of the Pistachio Sans Rival Mini was pretty good.  The smooth icing was topped with roasted pistachio bits.  The layers of meringue had the right texture and sweetness. 

Luckily, my guests were late so we finished the cake in just a few bites.  To cover my failure, we, Tsinoy Foodies, went to Banapple to buy a Banoffie Pie which I shall share next time.

We all laughed about it as we went home.  My little sister was supposed to buy me a cake at Shangrila.  Kurt was suppose to give buy me a cheesecake as a gift.  I declined all of it for Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival Mini.  =p

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Tayabel's Pistanchio Sans Rival Mini is the most luxurious Pistachio Sans Rival we have tried yet.  Although it is delicious, the price consideration will hinder us from buying this again.

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440 php
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