Best Food Forward 2012: It's back with a travel flair (Spoiler Alert)

Due to the success of Best Food Forward last year, it is now back with a travel flair to boot.  Best Food Forward will be held at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City on March 24-25, 2012 10am to 8 pm.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Nuffnang in a pre-event of the Best Food Forward.  So, here's my share of spoilers!  

quantum cafe
Quantum Cafe (Vegetarian Cuisine)
manang's chicken
Manang's Chicken (see previous review)
skew u
Skew U Skews & Sizzlers
Skew U Skews & Sizzlers is famed for its Angus Beef Kebabs and Angus Tapa.  Skew U Skews & Sizzlers seeks to impress more consumers in this years Best Food Forward like it did in other food markets.

carlo's kitchen crunchy belly
Carlo's Kitchen  (see previous entry)
butter beer
Butter Beer
Could you believe that this delicious Butter Beer is made by a 12 year old girl?  There are two versions of the Butter Beer. One for kids and the other for adults. 

simply pie
Simply Pie
Simple Pie offers quiches, baby Pies, puff pies, muffins, cakes, and other baked treats.

casa san luis
Casa San Luis
Casa San Luis is a owned by a couple who trained in France for six months to pursue their passion for baking. They seek to offer traditional pastries with their own unique twist.

the fruit garden
The Fruit Garden
The Fruit Garden aims to offer quality home-made natural jams by offering a higher fruit ratio.  Their unique jam varieties make use of local fruits and pure Philippine honey.  

choco atbp
Choco ATBP
Choco ATBP attributes its success to the first Best Food Forward where their venture begun.  Since the first Best Food Forward, the lawyer couple has become a chocolate supplier of hotels and restaurants.  They are also involved in the development of Cacao farming in the Philippines because they believe that the Philippines can supply the growing demand for chocolate worldwide.  

pint ice cream
Pint Ice Cream
Pint Ice Cream aims to offer better quality of ice cream which is denser unlike the airy commercialized ones.

What I Had

fruit garden
The Fruit Garden's Mango Durian Jam 
The Mango Durian Jam had the perfect blending of Mango and Durian.  It was not too sweet unlike the commercialized jam.  It was actually fruity in taste and I loved that!  I intend to grab a bottle of  The Fruit Garden's jam for our household soon.  I'm sure my family will enjoy it.

best food forward
Simply Pie's Mushroom and Sour Cream Quiche and Spinach, Feta and Sundried TOmato Quiche (Top from Left to Right)
Quantum Cafe's Four Cheese Pizza and Vegetarian Pizza (Bottom from Left to Right)
Quantum Cafe's Four Cheese Pizza is amazingly delicious!  The Vegetarian Pizza was worth trying for me since it's the first time I've encounter a pizza like that.  But, I found the garlic too overwhelming.  I liked that their pizza crust is made of whole wheat which is healthy and high in fiber. =)

crunchy belly
Carlo's Kitchen's Crunchy Belly
I find the Crunchy Belly sinfully irresistible every time. =)

angus beef kebab
Skew U Skews and Sizzlers Angus Beef Kebab and Chicken Kebab with Biriani Rice
I was surpised with the tenderness of Skew U's Angus Beef Kebab and Chicken Kebab!  Don't miss this in the upcoming Best Food Forward.  The softness and the flavor is exactly how a kebab should be.

suman tsokolate
Choco ATBP's Suman at Tsokolate
Aside from the Suman at Tsokolate, I also tried the dark chocolate muffin which was moist and has a rich smooth bitter-sweet taste.  I also learned that the chocolate tablets I buy at the groceries are not capable of preserving the chocolates at their best quality.  Choco ATBP sells Sindikato de Cacao which is bottled pure cocoa paste.  Since its pure cocoa, it's even safe for diabetics to drink.  

Last but certainly not the least that I tried is Pint Ice Cream's Pistachio Ice Cream.  It was creamy and tasty that I could not stop munching on it.  Since the Pistachio Ice Cream was not too sweet or syrup-y like other ice creams, it was really addictive.  

Oops! Sorry for such a lengthy spoiler.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.  I'm sure there will be more selections in the on March 24-25, 2012 so save the date and see you there! =)

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