Saranghaeyo Mr. Kimbob Delicious Affordable Korean Healthy Food at SM Baguio

The best thing about food is that you can always link food with fond memories.  Let me tell you our story with Mr. Kimbob.  

It was a fine afternoon when Kurt and I decided to relax at the Hot Springs of Asin Benguet. Mountain.  To keep the long story short, we got stuck on in the mountain.  It was almost dawn and we feared that we'd be forced to stay there so we took the risk of hitching our way back to Baguio.  We made the hand-gesture thing that we see in foreign films but jeepneys and trucks ignored us.  We almost lost hope when a blue car stopped and opened its window.  The Korean couple with another korean friend at the back seat took us in and dropped us somewhere in Tuba for us to take a jeepney ride back to Baguio.  

We got back hungry from our long trip so we search for a place to eat at SM Baguio.  We were searching for something new at the SM Baguio food court when we saw Mr. Kimbob Korean Healthy Food newly opened with all the balloons.  We were eager to try it out.  We soon found out that the SM Baguio food court branch was the 10th branch of Mr. Kimbob Korean Healthy Food already. 
mr kimbob
Mr. Kimbob crew with owner 조명진 at front
It had a great and inviting design.  The pictures in their menu was so enticing that we could not believe that everything was below 100 php.  Since it just opened, the owner was there to supervise its operations.  
korean bbq

kimchi rice


Like the usual food court set up, the dishes are already cooked so you can actually see what their selections look like.  Everything looks well prepared and clean too.  We were given a complimentary broth-based soup upon ordering.

Our Orders
bulgogi jabchae dubbob meal
 9 Bulgogi Jabche Dubbob (99 php)
I ordered the Bulgogi Jabche Dubbob.  It was served in a round sizzling plate with paper wrappings like Pepper Lunch.  (see separate entry)  Aside from the generous amount of Bulgogi (Korean beef barbeque) it comes with a fried egg, kimchi, Jabchae and zuchinni.  I was enjoying my meal when the Korean owner 조명진(Jo myung jin)  approached me and asked if I would like additional sauce.  I said "yes".  I was surprised that she personally took my plate, got more sauce and returned it to me.  I noticed that it does taste better with a lot of sauce in it.  I really enjoyed this dish!  
 8 Bibimbob (99 php)
kimbob wrapper
Wrapper Instructions
Kurt ordered the Bibimbob.  He was asked if he wanted it with beef or chicken.  Typical Kurt to have picked the beef so he was given the Bulgogi Jabche Dubbob  too.  It came with the "Gochujang" sauce.  Since my little sisters are fans of Korean pop idols and Korean food, we often dined at Korean Restaurants and Bibimbap was not new to me.  I told Kurt to mix everything but he didn't believe me.  Good thing there is an instruction at the wrapper of the plate.  Kurt really loved the Bibimbob.  Look at the vegetables.  They are all so tasty and fresh!

special kimbob
 12 Special Kimbob (99 php)
Okay, I'll be honest.  We were so hungry when we came and we didn't expect their orders to be so huge at such a price.  By the time we were about to eat the Special Kimbob, we were already full.  But, it was delicious that we were able to finish it.

mr chicken
Mr. Chicken (complimentary)
While we were taking our time with the Special Kimbob, the owner 조명진 (Jo myung jin)  approached us and asked us what we think about their food.  I noticed she has been sitting down and asking each and every customer.  She was a very cheerful and hardworking person.  She offered all the customers FREE Mr. Chicken.  I really admired her because she delivered every Mr. Chicken to the diners all by herself. 

sm kimbob sm baguio crew
Mr. Kimbob SM Baguio Crew
We were so happy with 조명진 (Jo myung jin) that as she was fixing all the chairs around her food court area near us, we asked her to pose at her store.  She declined saying she was shy and wanted to include her crew in the picture.  After the first photo, she suddenly told us to wait while she calls the rest of her kitchen crew to go outside and take a picture.  The photo depicts the the happy crew of Mr. Kimbob right? =)  Now, every time we see Mr. Kimbob, we are reminded of the warmth and bubbly personality of the Koreans.  Too bad, we failed to get her name. (Proper credits are added thanks to our commenter Misha! ^_^)  We were told that Mr. Kimbob will be opening more branches.  Hope you get to try it!

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mr. Kimbob is one of the best food court options you can ever experience!  It serves great quality food at a really affordable price.  Every order is certainly worth the money.  We highly recommend this! Saranghaeyo Mr. Kimbob!

Update as of December 15, 2019: We wrote this post during our visit to Baguio in 2011.  Amazing as of 2019, Mr. Kimbob has more than 30 branches and is  located on almost all SM Food Courts in Luzon area.

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Business Hours 10am-8pm (mall hours)
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