Coyote Cocina: Authentic Tex-Mex Flavors from Quality Local Ingredients (The Pop Up Katipunan)

I've noticed that many food places and bars have strategically positioned themselves near colleges and universities.  Perhaps if it was like that during my college days, I wouldn't be so anti-social.  Well, anyway there's a new Tex-Mex place called Coyotoe Cocina!

coyote cocina pop up katipunan
While many of the establishments are still closed, Coyotoe Cocina alone is worth the visit.  

the pop up katipunan
I really like the spacious and modern design as well as the spacious dining and parking area of The Pop Up Katipunan.   But, I can't imagine how hot this place is during the day time so I would suggest that you go at night.

coyote cocina katipunan
I think its really the ideal home for a Coyote Cocina.

coyote cocina
The ambience is minimalist.  Aside from a few wall arts and artifacts to hint of its tex-mex influence, there isn't much to see.

coyote cocina
It has a counter wherein you can see its open kitchen...

coyote cocina
and a few tables.  It offers two kinds of tables: (1) ordinary square wooden table (2) a long table with built in beer coolers.

This is the first time I've encountered a concept that uses quality local ingredients to make authentic Tex-Mex flavor.  I really like the idea because it still delivers satisfaction to the customers while boosting our local economy and it is sustainable for the establishment.  

I recall my former favorite Tex-Mex place: Orale! - a small hole-in-the-wall serving authentic Tex-Mex dishes which closed down.  Perhaps, it was because of the high price of its imported ingredients that made it impossible for it to survive.

coyote wings
Coyote Wings (160 php)
These Coyote Wings are deceiving!  It didn't look appealing to me but when I tried it I just had to grab more of it before my companions could.   Its unlike any wing I've tried before.  There's something magical with the coating.  The wings itself has subtle flavor but it really works with the dip.

Nachos Large (280 php)
The Nachos are also one of the best I've tried!  I think the secret is in the beans!

Coyote Rice Plates
beef barbacoa
Beef Barbacoa (250 php)
I definitely like more of its beans with these!  I know it doesn't look filling but once you eat it, you'll realize that this Beef Barbacoa platter is good for two.  If the meat could be more tender, this would definitely be better.

pork belly
Pork Belly (250 php)
There is not much disparity between the satisfaction you will get from either the Beef Barbacoa or Pork Belly Rice Plates.  It's just a matter of preference on which type of meat you want to go for.

Carnitas Plate (250 php)
On the other hand, the Carnitas was a bit dry.

Carnitas Trio (175 php)
If you want to try the Carinitas, go for the taco version with the Carnitas Trio.

Doble (185 php)
My favorite item on the Coyote Cocina menu would probably be the Doble Enchiladas.  I think the proportion and preparation of this is perfect!  I really like the 

Coyotes Macho Burrito (190 php)
If you prefer a handful one, the Coyotes Macho Burrito is an alternative to the Enchiladas.  


Tequila Shots
The best part is you can pair your food with alcoholic beverages.

Corona Extra
Ice cold beer anyone?

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
You can surely count on Coyote Cocina for authentic Tex-Mex dishes made from quality local ingredients.  Definitely check this place out!  The price is student friendly too!

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Coyote Cocina Menu
Ambiance ★★ Menu
Taste ★★
Service ★★
Price ★★★
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Coyote Cocina 
Business Address The Pop Up Katipunan, Xavierville Corner Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 5pm-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
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