Old Swiss Inn: All-Time Swiss Favorite (Makati Avenue)

It has been quite some time since I shared about Old Swiss Inn in Paco where I used to frequent when I didn't work so far from home.  
old swiss inn flatlay
Little did I know that it also has a branch in Makati.  I noticed they have new dishes being offered.

old swiss inn makati
I can't pinpoint what it is exactly but the vibe is quite different.  I feel its brighter and more casual.  

complimentary bread
Complimentary Bread
As soon as the Complimentary Bread was served, I knew it was the same food I loved.

 Goulash (330 php)
The Goulash is my favorite soup in Old Swiss Inn.  I order this before every meal.

Signature Dishes
 Gnagi (860 php)
When with company, the Gnagi is an excellent choice for a centrepiece.  Based on all my dining experience, they consistently cook this perfectly each time.  It delivers a delicious crackle in every bite.  The savory, tender and juicy meat is another sensation that you can't miss.  Appreciating their tangy saurkreut is not a guarantee though.  It depends on one's preference.  

fresh corned beef
 Fresh Corned Beef (690 php)
Every companion I dine with at Old Swiss Inn has approved of its Fresh Corned Beef.  They have a secret way to bring out the best from each slab of beef.  

 Sausage Platter (1,550 php)
For group meetings, the Sausage Platter is a must order.  I assure you, it is fun to eat and share slice by slice as you shift from one variant to another.

Raclette Grill
la parisienne
La Parisienne (1,190 php)
There are two food items you can order in a Swiss restaurant to make your dining experience wholesome: (1) Raclette Grill (2) Fondue.

la parisienne
La Parisienne (1,190 php)
In the past, I've enjoyed the Fondue Bourguignonne because I love the fun of dipping in sauce variants.  But, recently I've had a change of heart or tongue.  I now enjoy the Raclette Grill more because I grew quite fond of raclette cheese.  

wagyu skewers
 Wagyu Skewers (1,490 php)
The  La Parisienne is good but the Wagyu Skewers is a way better upgrade.

wagyu skewers
 Wagyu Skewers (1,490 php)
Just watching and waiting for the Wagyu Skewers grilled slowly makes me salivate.

Wagyu Skewers (1,490 php)
 Wagyu Skewers (1,490 php)
The raclette cheese and other vegetables complements the Wagyu Skewers well.

chocolate fondue
 Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue (650 php)
I wonder why I never had the Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue before.  

chocolate fondue
♥ Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue (650 php)
My foodie friends and I enjoyed it very much!  I especially liked their home made marshmallows.  

It has a cafe in this branch.  I especially loved their ♥ Matcha Latte.

mango juice
Fresh Mango Juice (150 php)
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
It's great that Old Swiss Inn Makati is open 24 hours to make quality Swiss dishes available.  If we need to vouch for this time-tested establishment to convince you to dine here to enjoy the fun in eating Swiss then you have our vote.

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Old Swiss Inn Makati
Business Address Ground Level, Somerset Olympia , Makati Ave. cor. Sto. Tomas St., Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 24 Hours
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-1,500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 818-8251
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