Lil' Orbits Mini Donuts: My Lil' Orbit Story (Taft Manila)

A long time ago, our mom would leave us with our yayas to play in the playground at the center of Glorietta while she goes shopping.  As much as we loved to play on the ropes and on the slides, we also loved it when our mom would come and fetch us because we would always ask her to buy us some Lil' Orbits Mini Donuts.

lil orbits
During that time, Krispy Kreme with its giant donut making factory has not arrived in the Philippines so my siblings and I loved watching the mini donut making machine of Lil' Orbits each time. 

Years later, we outgrew the joys of a simple play time.  But, we would still buy some Lil' Orbits whenever we shop there with our mom.  As we grew older and we had our own errands, buying Lil' Orbits for pasalubong became a practice.   

lil orbits
Until one day, all the food stalls in the Glorietta center moved out including Lil' Orbits.  Years went by and we thought Lil' Orbits was gone forever.  

lil orbits
Can you imagine our joy when we saw a Lil' Orbits stall at SM Mall of Asia By The Bay as we were walking our dogs?  And, it even has a 3 dozen for P100 promo.  We kept buying there every time eat out or walk our dog in the area.  But once again, it suddenly disappeared. 

One time we were in Alabang Town Center and there it was!  So again we happily bought one.  A few months later, we went all the way to Alabang to try Chairman Wang's.  After dinner we hurried to Alabang Town Center (not to mention pay extra parking fee) just to buy a Lil' Orbits but it was once again gone!

One time I was in Market! Market! and I spotted Lil' Orbits there so I bought some.  I asked the staff why oh why are their branches disappearing.  And, he mentioned there was one in Taft.  I was surprised as it was very near my placeI took some time to find it and I did.  It is located at the back of the College of Saint Benilde but it closes at earlier than malls.  It closes at around 6 pm.

lil orbits
Every time I could pass by early, I would buy some for the family.  Everyone was thrilled whenever I bring some home.  

But, the last time I bought some and watched the mini donut making process, I noticed that the oil was darker and the mini donuts came out darker as well.  As, I've already paid for them, I might as well bring them home right?  The family noticed the difference.  In fact, they found it difficult to finish.  And, so I guess that was the last time I'm buying oneAnd, this is were my Lil' Orbit tale ends.

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