Sunrise Buckets: Wings and More (The Grove Ugong Pasig)

Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

The family has always wanted to check out The Grove so we drove out there and landed at Sunrise Buckets.

sunrise buckets the grove

Sunrise Buckets looks like a small surf shack apparently lost in the crowded city of Pasig.


buffalo chicken salad
Buffalo Chicken Salad (265 php)
Starting our meal with a healthy salad.  The Buffalo Chicken Salad is a classic salad with greens and your choice of dressing: vinaigrette (our option) or ranch dressing plus their Buffalo Chicken Poppers with bleu cheese and sour cream.

chili fries
Chili Fries (235 php)
Enticed by the food posters, mom ordered the Chili Fries.  It was served in a rectangular baking pan smothered with cheese sauce and chili con carne that gives comforting delight to.the crisp coated and internally mushy thick potato fries.

By the Bay
fish garden salad
Fish Garden Salad (295 php)
The Fish Garden Salad is a combination of their crispy brown fish of the day served with mustard dip and salad with vinaigrette.

sunrise buckets
Of course, the main star of our night were the buckets of chicken Wings.  

sunrise buckets
 Each bucket was labelled accordingly so we don't get confused cause some really look alike.  We wanted to try more variants so we opted to have everything at half pound which is 4-5pieces of wings.

sunrise buckets

With our plastic gloves on, we pleasured ourselves with the glazed sauces and crunchy chicken skin. 

sunrise buckets
Sunrise Original Half Pound (175 php)
The Sunrise Original is classic buffalo wings and we love it just the way it is.

sunrise buckets
A & W Rootbeer Glazed Half Pound (245 php)
The A & W Rootbeer Glazed is an interesting twist that we all appreciated.

sunrise buckets
Jack Daniel's Half Pound (245 php)
We found the Jack Daniel's too sweet for our taste.

sunrise buckets
Jim Beam Jalapeno Half Pound (245 php)
The Jim Beam Jalapeno is really good with its nice spicy kick.

sunrise buckets
Garlic Parmesan Half Pound (245 php)
The Garlic Parmesan was just okay.

sunrise buckets
The Wings were so skinny so we managed to leave only the bones for the bone collector.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sunrise Buckets is a fun place to get your hands dirty and delight your taste buds with different sauces.  I just wished the Wings weren't as skinny so it's worth the effort.

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Sunrise Buckets
Branches The Grove
The Grove By Rockwell, C5, Near Ortigas Avenue, Ugong, 
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Madison Square, Madison St. Cor. Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills,
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 234-1382
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