Mangetsu Japanese Fusion Restaurant: Extraordinary Twist to Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Last Mother's Day, my aunt spontaneously wanted to treat all of us out and tasked me to look for a place for last minute reservations.  I just had an inkling for fusion this time and see if the family will like it.  I chose Toki Japanese Fusion & Fine Dining Restaurant as a first option but they were fully booked so we decided to go for Mangetsu Japanese Fusion Restaurant instead.  Reservation for a private room required a spending of at least 700 php per person.  Well from our experience, we greatly exceeded this. 

mangetsu japanese fusion restaurant
Compared to the seating capacity of the restaurant, the parking space available is inadequate but the guard will assist you in looking for one. 

mangetsu japanese fusion restaurant
The first floor has a casual dining ambiance with wooden chairs and tables.

mangetsu japanese fusion restaurantmangetsu japanese fusion restaurant
Private rooms are located on the second floor. 

mangetsu japanese fusion restaurant
This is what a typical private room looks like.


Sake Accompaniment
3 Varieties of Sashimi (650 php)
The 3 Varieties of Sashimi depending on the catch for the day.  I guess we were lucky because we were served our favorites: Salmon, Tuna and Hamachi (yellow-tail).

Hamachi (Special Order)
I guess the reason why we have a hefty bill is because my relatives has a knack of making special orders or orders not on the menu.  I don't advise this because they dictate the price.   To give you an idea... They ordered the Kabutoyaki (grilled fish head) which came only after we finished eating so we had it for take out instead, it had a special price of 1,300 php.

tuna salmon carpaccio
Tuna & Salmon Carpaccio (520 php)
The Tuna & Salmon Carpaccio with fish sauce gained a lot of praise.  This is an interesting twist to the usual sashimi.

sushi tokujo
Assorted Sushi Toku-Jo (980 php)
The Assorted Sushi Toku-Jo is a platter of 12 kinds of sushi.  The ingredients are the freshest quality as expected by its hefty price tag.  I really liked their smooth and custard-like tamago (egg). 

spicy tuna salad
Spicy Tuna Salad (410 php)
The Spicy Tuna Salad is different from the traditional because the marinade is sweet.  It's is balanced by the crunchy greens.  It was good enough for me but my cousins fond it too odd for their taste.

Deep-Fried Dishes
pork gyoza
Pork Gyoza (295 php)
The Pork Gyoza awed as in terms of visual appeal.  Texture and taste-wise, it was quite competitive too.

karaage fried chicken thighs
Karaage Fried Chicken Thighs (430 php)
The Karaage Fried Chicken Thighs with 3 Kinds of Salt is delicious!  All of us, adults and kids, loved this!  The golden brown coating is crunchy and the chicken meat was tender and spewing juices in every bite.

shrimp rice gratin
Shrimp Rice Gratin (520 php)
Although I'm not fond of gratin dishes, I enjoyed the Shrimp Rice Gratin.  This is an exemplary fusion dish with rich shrimp flavored rice in partnership with cheese. 

shrimp tempura
Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs.) (510 php)
Other than the steep price and good presentation of the Shrimp Tempura with salt & tempura dipping sauce, I don't find extraordinary about it.

sea urchin omelet
Sea Urchin Omelet (380 php)
The Sea Urchin Omelet with thick chicken broth sauce is something interesting to try!  I love the savory and briny flavor together with the thick sauciness.

tuna omelet
Tuna Omelet (360 php)
The Tuna Omelet is the classic okonomiyaki (Japanese omelet) filled with canned tuna chunks and embellished by Worcestershire sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes.  Flavor is alright but I'd prefer a fluffier version.

beef yakiniku
Beef Yakiniku (890 php)
The Beef Yakiniku grants an fun mini charcoal grilling experience.  The quality of the beef short ribs is just good enough.  It is tender with the proper grilling time.   It is served with sesame and ponzu sauces and calamansi. 

Japanese Pasta
sea urchin cream pasta
Sea Urchin Cream Pasta (310 php)
The Sea Urchin Cream Pasta would have been better had there been more Sea Urchin on it.  They are so few that they are hardly distinguishable in terms of taste and flavor.  

egg and leeks chahan
Egg & Leeks Chahan (240 php)
Just to have a staple, we ordered the Egg & Leeks Chahan.

uji matcha ice cream
Uji Matcha Ice Cream (320 php)
The menu indicates the Uji Matcha Ice Cream as green tea flavored ice cream.  The menu photo shows a vanilla ice cream covered in a heap load of matcha powder but what we got is so scarce of it.  While I enjoyed the twist they did with the conventional red beans, this turned out to be disappointing.

honey tofu ice cream
Honey Tofu Ice Cream (275 php)
Honey Tofu Ice Cream is composed of two blocks of tofu glazed with honey and topped covered in soy flour.  It is also served with a chocolate wafer stick and vanilla ice cream.  This is a simple and light yet surprisingly refreshing dessert.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mangetsu Japanese Fusion Restaurant is a good experience especially when you want to try something new with Japanese Cuisine.  I noticed that not all dishes are interesting though.  Some are almost the same as the classic.  While others are extraordinary but does not appeal to our preference.  As the dishes are hit or miss, I'm not convinced with its very steep pricing. 

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Mangetsu Japanese Fusion Restaurant
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