Green Pastures: Organic Farm to Table Concept in Shangri-la Plaza East Wing

My family likes to join the hype.  Whenever they'd see a restaurant all packed with long lines, they'll make sure to try it out too!  And so for the past few 3 weeks, we've been trying to reserve a slot in Green Pastures at Shangri-la Plaza East Wing to no avail.  Alas!  Somehow, we managed to dine in last week. 

green pastures

I've always been a fan of Chef Robby Gocco's restaurants.  And, I'm also an advocate of healthy and natural living.  Just to share with you, one of my best guy friends eats only organic and natural foods and I've witnessed his drastic improvement in a short span of time.  Ever since, I've been trying to make my way to that heathy road as much as I can but errmm... living with a family who believe in the YOLO (you only leave once) principle makes it quite tough.  Finally, there's a midway to it with this first organic farm to table concept.  I hope more restaurants adopt this so it will encourage farmers to go organic and thereby creating a wider and more sustainable organic supply chain.  Well, anyway I'll proceed with the food.  For more information on organic farming, check out Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines.  It's a cool non-profit group. 


I'd like to note that I did not appreciate the plating of the soup.  It took too much space being big and flat.  It also made the soup colder in a quicker amount of time.

green pasture minestrone
Green Pasture Minestrone (190 php)
The Green Pasture Minestrone is a clear soup with zuchinni, yellow squash, cannelinni beans, kale, cabbage, parmigiano, rinds and extra virgin olive oil.  As expected from Chef Robby's restaurants, its always simple yet with the freshest ingredients.  You could taste a refreshing sweetness of nature with this dish.  

harvest chowder
Harvest Chowder (185 php)
The Harvest Chowder was a river shrimp, squash, bacon, potatoes and corn in light cream.  We all preferred the Green Pasture Minestrone over this perhaps because it seemed good but no impact.

Small Plates
ricotta stracciatella
House Made Cheese (560 php/2 cheeses)
Our server recommended that we try the House Made Cheese.  We chose 2 out of their 3 options.  We got the Ricotta (cow's milk, made fresh daily with onion jam and roasted garlic) and Stracciatella (Buffalo milk pulled fresh daily with extra virgin olive oil and arugula).  To enjoy your toast, apply the roasted garlic on your toasted bread before adding the Ricotta.  This had a sweeter notes to it because of the onion jam which is similar to a caramelized version.  The Stracciatella was highly praised by everyone.  It worked wonderfully with the arugula too. 

Fun Health Fact: (Told you I'm a health geek) Buffalo or carabao milk has less cholesterol than cow's milk so it's a better option for those who have cardio-vascular problems.  It also doesn't trigger food allergies as much. 

pinoy egg
Pinoy Egg (125 php)
I've heard a lot of raves over the Pinoy Egg so I insisted that it be ordered.  The Pinoy Egg is a 5-minute free range duck eggs wrapped in homemade longanisa over fiddlehead fern salad.  It is probably a pinoy interpretation of the Scotch Egg
pinoy egg
Pinoy Egg (125 php)
I really loved the Pinoy Egg.  It was cooked runny too.  Lucky for me, my family didn't like it as much so I swiped two plates of this clean.  Yes, even the fiddlehead fern salad was delicious for me!

Fun Health Fact: Duck eggs are superior to chicken eggs in terms of nutrients.  It is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and alkaline too.

Signature Salads
farmhouse salad
Farmhouse Salad (550 php)
The Farmhouse Salad is a big wooden bowlful of shredded kale, chopped romaine, konbu roast chicken, mambo goat cheese, hard-boiled eggs, dinelli bacon, corn, ripe mangoes, grape tomatoes in honey mustard dill vinaigrette.  Through the years, my mom has chanted Cyma's Roka Salata as the best salad for her.  But from that dinner on, it is the Farmhouse Salad.

Fun Health Fact: Our human body is designed to appreciate variety in food so we can gather an assortment of vitamins and nutrients so the more new stuff we intake, the more we are rewarded with dopamine pleasure.

Meat and Bread
vegetarian burger that doesnt suck
Vegetarian Burger that Doesn't Suck! (295 php)
The Vegetarian Burger that Doesn't Suck! is made of organic chickpea, mushroom, leeks, celery, battered eggplant, homemade cheddar cheese and lettuce. It is served with potato fries.  Well, it didn't live up to its name for me.  I didn't like its dryness.  Well at least potato bun was soft. 

Commandable Mains
roast organic chicken
Roast Organic Chicken (595 php)
The Roast Organic Chicken was lightly sweet and refreshing.  It was so juicy and oozing with juicy and so soft that it almost falls of the bone.

braised oxtail
Braised Oxtail (525 php)
Well, maybe not the  Braised Oxtail is not the healthiest option but we loved this!

Organic Coffee

mt matutum
Mt. Matutum (105 php)
Mt. Matutum from south cotabato coffee beans has a nice light spice to it. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We really enjoyed our healthy dinner at Green Pastures.  I'm totally in for their growing success.  Their dishes are truly the finest and freshest quality.  Serving size is good for sharing so bring some company.  The dishes were served all at the same time without much waiting time.  But, it was difficult to find follow-through assistance.  It would have been nice if they were attentive enough to get their big empty plates from time to time. 

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Green Pastures
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Business Hours 11 am - 9 pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 700-1,500
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