Yasu Katsu Tempura Ramen: Affordable Shabby Japanese Fast Food in Robinsons's Place Manila

A few months ago, we were shopping in Robinson's Place Manila which is our neighborhood mall when we spotted a new quaint Japanese fast food restaurant filled with diners called Yasu Katsu Tempura Ramen.  According to the Japanese owner, who barely speaks English, Yasu means affordable and fresh.  

The area size could only house a few tables but you could see the reserves rushing to and fro to serve as much as they could so turn over would be quick.  Though the space is limited, it is well utilized and well-decorated with traditional Japanese influence.  

Tonkatsu Set (139 php)
The Tonkatsu Set is a complete meal with a generous portion of golden brown crunchy tonkatsu.  It is served with coleslaw, quality Japanese rice and Miso Soup.  The Tonkatsu is only at par with the price. 

Gyudon (119 php)
As always, my typical must order is the Gyudon.  The Gyudon's sweetness is just right and the meat was tender.  The quality of their rice is not bad either.  Within the same price range, I'd say this comes second to Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl.  Since there's Yoshinoya is not accessible from our place, I'm definitely heading over here when craving for Gyudon.

Chicken Teriyasudon (129 php)
It was our first time to encounter a Chicken Teriyasudon so we decided to try it.  It's a sweet version of the chicken terriyaki with Japanese mayonnaise.  Since we have a low sweetness tolerance, we failed to appreciate this dish.
Buta Kimuchidon (159 php)
My mom's favorite Japanese dish has always been the kimuchi rice so she ordered the Buta Kimuchidon which was close to that.  She loved it!  The pork strips were tender and the kimuchi had the right amount of spice to tickle and whet your appetite.

Callifornia Roll (109 php)
The California Roll is nothing special but for the price, I couldn't complain. 

The best bang for the buck to order at Yasu is their Ebi Tempura (159 php/ 5 pcs.)   My apologies for failing to a photo though.   My little sister who loves Ebi Tempura is quite satisfied with their price and quality!  She's quite pleased that she doesn't need to go to Little Tokyo to satisfy her Ebi Tempura cravings.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Yasu Katsu Tempura Ramen makes Japanese cuisine accessible to those on a tight budget especially for students like me. 

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Yasu Katsu Tempura Ramen
Business Address Level 1 Padre Faura Wing of Robinsons Place, Malate,
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10 am - 9 pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-250
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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