Yoshinoya Launches 8 New Dishes

Yoshinoya Japanese Restaurant is one of the world's largest chain of beef bowl or (gyudon in Japanese).  It originated in Japan in 1899.  In 2001, Century Pacific Group through a franchise, opened its first branch here in the Philippines.  But, we Tsinoy Foodies, only got to try it out three years ago at Greenhills Annapolis Carpark Branch.  



Yoshinoya has a simple interior with Japanese influence.  Like the usual fast food restaurants, they apply the order at the counter system.

It's been awhile since I've got a chance to try Yoshinoya once again so I'm very eager to share with you their 8 new dishes.

tokyo beef
Tokyo Beef (139 php)
I'd like to start with my new found favorite. =) The Tokyo Beef is tender slices of beef topped with sauteed onions, sesame seeds and green and red bell peppers over steamed rice.  Although I don't consider myself as a meat lover, I am a genuine gyudon fan.  Whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant, I would always order their gyudon if available.  The Tokyo Beef is similar to the gyudon but with more topping which adds more fragrance and flavor.  I love it!

veggie beef
Veggie Beef 
If you are looking for a balance meal, then the Veggie Beef is for you.  It's gyudon with mixed vegetables as a side dish.

pork tonkatsu
Pork Tonkatsu 
The Pork Tonkatsu is deep fried breaded pork fillet topped with their special tonkatsu sauce served with shredded cabbage on the side.  

tokyo chicken
Tokyo Chicken
The Tokyo Chicken is grilled chicken fillet marinated in a ginger-based sauce then topped with a special sauce so you can imagine how flavorful it is.  It was so tender and juicy too!  I also enjoyed this dish!  It's also a balanced selection because it has mixed vegetable on the side.

shrimp tempura
Shrimp Tempura
If I always order gyudon, then my fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt always gets this.  I'm so glad that Yoshinoya has finally decided to offer this.  Now, I can persuade Kurt to eat more often at Yoshinoya.=p 
The  Shrimp Tempura is soft and the tendon sauce is delicious.  For side dish, it had eggplant and sweet potato.

chicken tempura
Chicken Tempura
It's my first time to try a Chicken Tempura.  It was surprisingly good.  The fried batter was able to lock in the juice and flavor of the chicken chunks within.  It was also served with eggplant and sweet potato.

pork tempura
Pork Tempura
If you don't like shrimp or chicken, then try the Pork Tempura.  They the same except that its pork. =)

Yoshi Chicken
The Yoshi Chicken which deep fried chicken is coated with a thick special sweet sauce.  The skin was crispy and enjoyable to eat. Crunch!  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
For sure, Yoshinoya can now widen its market by attracting tempura fans.  at the same time, Yoshinoya still continues to dominate the beef bowl market.  I doubt that anyone could resist Yoshinoya's delicious Japanese selections offered at a reasonable price.   We will definitely come back for more!

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