Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ: Must Try Smoked Ribs in the Metro!

Ribs has always been a meat-lovers favorite.  Although I'm not much of a meat-eater myself, I've found ribs to be irresistible.  I've tried a lot of version but smoked ribs is an unexplored dish for me.  So, I'm quite  thankful that Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ decided to offer it. 

big daddy jays all american bbq
Together with Berylle and D, we drove all the way from Manila to Cubao just to visit Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ.  Due to the awful traffic contributed by the rainy weather and numerous road construction, we were so hungry when we arrived at the bright orange colored establishment of Big Daddy Jay's.  We passed by two of their custom-built smokers by the parking space as we went in.

big daddy jays all american bbq
A tarpaulin outside indicates their store hours.  They are closed on Mondays because its their smoking day.  It is during this time that they smoke a week's supply of ribs for an approximate of six hours each.  When the ribs are smoked, they can just heat it up before serving. With a growing demand for its ribs, they currently smoke around 80 ribs per week.

According to the owners, the restaurant was named after Big Daddy Jay, a southerner, who shared with them the southern american-style barbecue recipe for their smoked ribs.

big daddy jays smoked ribs
Although not as spacious, its a nice and casual full-scale restaurant.  Staffs are quick to set up out table upon entry.  Their menu is located by the counter. 

big daddy jays smoked ribs
Although it only opened last April, a lot of food bloggers have visited them prior to ours.  The positive remarks made us even more eager to try their Original Smoked Ribs.


Original Smoked Ribs
original smoked ribs full rack
Full Rack (790 php)
It wasn't long until our Full Rack of Original Smoked Ribs was placed before us in a wooden chopping board.  It comes with their special sauce. 

original smoked ribs full rack
Full Rack (790 php)
We initially thought that the dark coating is char-marks but upon first bite, we were proven wrong. It was actually a flavorful, herby and peppery dried glaze.  We were also amazed at the size of the rib which I think is the pork shoulder part rather than the usual back ribs. It was so lean and meaty yet so tender that chewing every bit of it is so pleasurable.  Each chunk was exploding in rich smokey flavor.  Although their special sauce is good, I personally prefer it on its own.   The bones became so soft due to the long cooking process that we can't help but eat it too.   By the end of our meal, all our plates and the chopping board was swiped clean. 

We were told that you can order this for take out or in its frozen state for the same price.  You can just grill or bake it to reheat.  Since this is very far from our place, I'm considering purchasing one for out family parties because I really think its a must try!

Down Homes Sides
potato mixed vegetables
Mixed Veggies (25 php) and Herbed Potatoes (25 php)
For sides D had the Buttered Rice (25 php) while Berylle and I consumed the bowlful of Mixed Veggies and Herbed Potatoes.

tomato basil pasta
Tomato Basil Pasta (140 php)
The Tomato Basil Pasta was cooked al dente.  It had a tangy tomato based sauce with a light hint of basil.  Although it was good, it wasn't something I'd crave for.

Chicken Wings
honey mustard chicken wings
Honey Mustard (120 php)
The Honey Mustard had a sweet and zesty thick sauce which we all enjoyed.  But, we found the native wings a bit skinny. 

aunt wilmas key lime pie
Aunt Wilma's Key Lime Pie (85 php)
Quite frankly, we were all so full that it even crossed our minds to just skip the dessert.  How fortunate that we didn't!  Aunt Wilma's Key Lime Pie is so heavenly!  It's perfect blend of refreshing sweetness and citrus tartiness reminded me of the famous Sagada Lemon Pie I've had a few years back.  It was the perfect palate cleanser.  It's so sad that we only ordered a slice for sharing because it made us crave for more.   It was so good that we were tempted to go back and take home some as soon as we reach  the car.  We finally decided that we'll just come back for this and the Original Smoked Ribs soon.  But it didn't stop there since on the way home, we can't help but talked about how much we loved this and wished we knew who Aunt Wilma was!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
As early as now, I really have high hopes for Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ.  I'm really happy with the quality of their Original Smoked Ribs.  I commend the owners for their passion as a foodie and eagerness to learn and improve as a new restauranteur. 

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Big Daddy Jay's All American BBQ
Business Address #61B 17th Avenue, Cubao,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon: Closed
Tue-Thurs: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm; 6:00 pm -10 pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm; 6:00 pm -11 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 120-1,000
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0917) 300-8435
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