Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival

Last week, I got dragged by fellow foodie friends to the Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival at the NBC Tent.

Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival
The ticket is called a food passport wherein there are 2 sections.  On the top is a stamp collection area from the major sponsors. Beneath it is the stamps from the vendors when you purchase from them.
Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival
Some of the Sponsors
Electrolux Discover-E Food Festival

The major sponsors like Surf and Cif had games where you can win freebies.   Unlike my friends who won a lot, I ended up with consolation prizes.

Electrolux Discover E Food Festival
Just when I collected the major sponsor stamps to claim my free measuring cup, I was suddenly called out because I won the first prize in the raffle prize for a Meyer non-stick wok.  Wow right?

Electrolux Discover E Food Festival

Electrolux Discover E Food Festival

Electrolux Discover E Food Festival

The major sponsors like Electrolux, Pyrex, Meyer and Dole also offered their products at discounted prices up to 70% off.  A friend even bought 3 Meyer pans to give away to her relatives.

chef rosebud

Their was also a cook off.  It was fun to watch because they had celebrity judge such as Chef Bruce Lim and Chef Rosebud as judges.  The students who participated are skillful and competitive too.

Some of the Food Vendors
chef tatung
I've been reading good feed backs about Chef Tatung in both blogs and magazines.  I was tempted to try it but I opted to save the chance in dining at its restaurant next time instead.


heritage cheesefrabelle

lecheng lechonaleths kitchen


true deli
  I love keseng puti but regretfully, I missed trying this out.  =(

auntie mays

juice barista

manila bake

chivogue kitchen
The concept of Chivogue Kitchen is interesting and interactive and their pricing is quite affordable.  But, the presentation is not that enticing.  

My Favorites
double delights
Double Delights has upgraded the fun in eating polvoron fun so I really admire their innovation.  This is a good alternative for those who can't handle the heaviness and sweetness of most cupcakes like me.

vivecas cookies
Viveca's perfectly crunchy Green Tea Alfajores will surely allure your taste buds with its right blend of green tea fragrance and flavor.

aeta organics
Aeta Organics sells organics Aeta Hot Sauce and Hot Mani to provide a sustainable livelihood to Aeta communities.  Thumbs up for this wonderful project!

hacienda macaluan inc
I fell in love with Greek Yogurt when I first got to try it at the Yoghurt House in Sagada.  I'm glad local companies like Hacienda Macalauan Inc can now produce one and sell it as a slightly cheaper price than imported once.  Truth be told, as much as I  want to eat it often, the price really hinders me a bit. 

ganavida econaturales
Ganavida Econaturales is an advocate for natural and organic local products.  Although agriculture is no longer a major Philippine industry thanks to urbanization, I'm glad this industry is again thriving to grow.
the orange project
Although not food related, I am always supportive of those who do help others like The Orange Project.  I can't wait to volunteer for their upcoming projects.  If you want to donate or volunteer for the projects, check out their fan page.

I also tried Mrs. Grahams macarons, Wing Box fried wings and Wrap Battle creative wraps, will write about them soon!  The old favorites like Kashi Maki and Choco Atbp. were there too.

Overall, the event may not was extensive as other food exhibits but it was quite successful in introducing a wide variation of food vendors and also inspire the culinary students who will soon join the food industry.