Yoghurt House in Sagada Mountain Province

The Sagada Mountain Province is well-known as a place for outdoor adventure.  It also has a lot of food establishments that serve good food.  One of the most recommended dinning places in Sagada is the "Yoghurt House".  Don't let the name fool you.  They serve a wide variety of dishes aside from Yoghurt.
sagada yoghurt house
The Yoghurt House is a cozy house with two floors.  The second floor has a terrace where you can enjoy the cool breeze as go people watching you enjoy your drinks.  Because of the Western influence in Sagada, most establishments like the Yoghurt House, have a westernized ambiance.  Visiting the place during the holy week, the place was crowded and busy.   In fact, it was so full it had to let a few potential customers go.
sagada yoghurt house
At first, the servers were still able to approach us and they took our orders.  When people came rushing in, the staffs couldn't go out and attend to our needs anymore.  The orders took so long to arrive so most of us took our time to shop for souvenirs.  Our meals came one by one.  We had to go to the counter and follow up some of our dishes and for additional orders.
Main Dishes
chicken basil pasta
Chicken in Basil Pasta (130 php)
The Chicken in Basil Pasta came covered in grated cheddar cheese.   The basil added aroma and flavor to the pasta and enhanced the chicken flavor.  The fresh chunks of tomatoes gave it a sweet and tangy taste which made the dish balanced and not overwhelmed by the basil alone.  
beef salpicao
Beef Salpicao
chicken dish
vegetable fried rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
chicken rosti
Roast Chicken on top of Potato Rosti (potato hash)
breaded pork chop
Breaded Pork Chop
All of their main dishes are delicious!  Their vegetables are so fresh and tasty.  Their local rice is the healthy red rice so its a bit special.

strawberry yoghurt
Strawberry, banana and granola yoghurt (90 php)
As the name "Yoghurt House" implies, they are well-known for their yoghurt.  Strawberry, banana and granola yoghurt.   We just assumed that this was the grandest choice since it had all the toppings they had to offer for their greek-style yoghurt.   The tangy taste and the soft texture was sensational!

mountain tea
Mountain Tea (40 php)
The Mountain Tea contains Sagada mountain leaves.  We did not find out what exact plant leaves they were but they say it can only be found in Sagada.  It had a minty and herbal taste.

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Yoghurt House Menu
Yoghurt House
Business Address
Atey, Dao-Angan, Sagada
Business Hours
7:30 am-9:00 pm (may vary)
Service ChargeNone


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