Primero Casa Filipino: Affordable Fine Dining Filipino Buffet at Quezon City

Quezon City, Philippines

It's been quite some time since The Foodies Circle have dined together.  So we were all excited to see each other at Primero Casa Filipino.

primero casa filipino
Primero Casa Filipino is a residential home turned restaurant in  Sct. Torillo cor. Sct. Fernandez in Quezon City

primero casa filipino
It had a huge parking space and wide indoor and alfresco area which makes it a great choice for parties and events.

primero casa filipino
Upon stepping in, I was amazed at its classy fine dining ambiance.  The place is perfect for romantic dates and business meetings.

primero casa filipino
For an upscale experience, the buffet price of just 398 php NET is a great deal. 

Glancing on their offerings, I'm so glad that this is not just another Filipino buffet.  Their dishes are served with twist and unique presentation.

primero casa filipino
Appetizer Station
egg salad
Egg Salad
Hawaiian Coleslaw
sisig shooters
Sisig Shooters
stuffed pandesal
Creamy Shitake Mushroom Stuffed Pan De Sal
The Stuffed Pan De Sal are baked fresh from their kitchen.  The stuffing is random but we're lucky enough to try the Creamy Shitake Mushroom stuffing cause it was delicious!  But, I'd imagine this would have been better if served warm or slightly toasted. 

My Appetizer Plate
My Appetizer Plate
I tried every item on the appetizer selection:  Tomato Pizza, Baked Aubergine Topped with Garlic Confit, Mustasa Wrap, Steamed Tofu Cake, Fried Lumpiang Shanghai, Baked Oyster in Bechamel Sauce, Sisig Shooter, Egg Salad and Hawaiian Coleslaw.

The Tomato Pizza lacked flavor and chewiness for me.  The Baked Aubergine Topped with Garlic ConfitSteamed Tofu Cake and Fried Lumpiang Shanghai were good but its something I'd skip on a second visit.  I really enjoyed the Baked Oyster in Bechamel Sauce and the Sisig Shooter because it was really creative.  The Baked Oyster in Bechamel Sauce had its rich cheese sauce that doesn't overpower the natural taste of the half-baked oysters And, the Sisig Shooter is in a crispy pastry cup where you'll pour the sauce in before you devour it.  But, it was the Egg Salad and Hawaiian Coleslaw that I found irresistible.  I was always tempted to grab some more every time I pass by. The Egg Salad had this initial crunch followed by the smooth, rich and creamy yolk.  The Hawaiian Coleslaw has a nice sweet and citrus taste from the pineapple bits. 

seafood chowder
Seafood Chowder
 They had two soup options: Seafood Chowder and Nilagang Baka.  I got to try the Seafood Chowder which was a milky version of our local clam soup (halaan).  I love that it was generous with all the clams and mussels but I would have appreciated it more if it was more creamy.

bicol express pasta
Bicol Express Pasta
The Bicol Express Pasta is my favorite among all the selections.  It was pure genius!  I never knew that Bicol Express could be eaten in a unconventional way like this.  It was cooked perfectly with the right blend too.  I definitely enjoyed the appetizing hotness it delivers.

braised chicken barbecue
Braised Chicken BBQ
The Braised Chicken BBQ was just passable because it was nothing extraordinary and I found it a bit dry.

fish fillet in red pepper
Fish Fillet in Red Pepper Adobado
The Fish Fillet in Red Pepper Adobado is nice, soft,  flaky and tasty.

seafood kare kare
Seafood Kare-Kare
The Seafood Kare-Kare is another must try!  It has generous servings of clams and mussels.  Add some bagoong and I'm sure this dish will kick start you appetite for more.
buttered shrimp
Buttered Shrimp
If you're in the mood for some crustaceans, they have Buttered Shrimp and Chili Crabs too.

steamed vegetable
Steamed Vegetables
pritata vegetable
Pritata Vegetables
I never miss my vegetables for a complete and healthy meal.  I'm glad the Pritata Vegetables made eating vegetables such a pleasurable sensation.  The mixed vegetable were naturally sweet and the texture of egg was nice and fluffy.

steamed maya maya
Steamed Maya-Maya

roast angus beef
Roast Angus Beef
The Roast Angus Beef is cooked medium well.   It was tender and succulent just the way I like it.

The Zubuchon is lechon cooked from their own kitchen.  It was soft and juicy too.  Although the skin may be quite sinful, its the crackling skin and the fatty layer than melts on your mouth makes this a guaranteed guilty pleasure. 

My Dessert Plate
dessert plate casa filipino
My Dessert Plate
Since I've always been a dessert lover, I just had to try every item available.  I was able to try the Chocolate-Ohh, Cappucino, Native Palitaw, Rhum Balls, Brownies, Cherry Cake and Suman Panacotta.

The Chocolate-Ohh was ohh so thick and sweet like chocolate syrup so a teaspoon of it is enough to satisfy any chocolate craving.  The Cappucino had a nice aromatic coffee flavor and the texture is just right too.  The Brownies, Native Palitaw and Cherry Cake didn't stand out as much.  

My top picks for the dessert choices would be the Suman Panacotta and the Rhum BallsI'm generally not a fan of suman or any kakanin because I find it too stick and heavy but I guess that issue is resolved by the Suman Panacotta because it made it light and delightful to eat especially with the mango on top.  On the otherhand, the Rhum Balls has this exquisite bitter sweet taste that lingers on your mouth.  

halo halo shooters
Halo-halo Shooters
We also enjoyed the cool and refreshing Halo-halo Shooters.  Although it didn't have an extravagant variety of toppings, I loved the texture of the jelly bits. 

soft serve ice cream
Soft Served Ice Cream
soft serve ice cream
Mixed Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream
They also have their own soft-serve ice cream machine.  I'm always a sucker for ice cream so I was all giddy over my cup of Mixed Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Primero Casa Filipino is a one of a kind fine dining Filipino buffet with its classy yet homey atmosphere.  If you're looking for an intimate and cozy place that affords a bit of a privacy, then this is it.  While food selections may not be extensive, surely the price you pay for can't get you the food quality, service and ambiance it offers anywhere else.  I noticed that they regularly monitor and refill the dishes to assure that they are served in the best state which is another plus.  

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Primero Casa Filipino Buffet Price
Ambiance Lunch and Dinner 398 NET
=Favorites or Recommended 
Primero Casa Filipino
Business Address 26 Sct. Torillo cor. Sct. Fernandez, Brgy. Sacred Heart, 
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch: 11 am-2 pm
Dinner: 6 pm-10 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 398-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 921-2448/ 921-1850/ (0917) 851-2272
Other  Email: Facebook Fan Page
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