Magnolia Flavorhouse: Frozen Sweet Treat That's Perfect for the Summer

When we were toddlers, our family used to frequent Magnolia Ice Cream house.  We were quite saddened when it closed down.  A few years ago, it opened again in San Miguel By The Bay in SM Mall of Asia.  We were able to eat there twice and then it also closed down.  We're been waiting for the come back of Magnolia Flavor House which has finally opened at its original location which is now Robsinson's Magnolia.  We eagerly waited in line just to try it out once more.

magnolia flavorhouse
Magnolia Flavor House has a round structure of its own located in the outdoor area of Robinson's Magnolia.  With the scorching heat of the sun during the afternoons in our tropical country, Magnolia Flavor House has been a refuge for cold comfort and frozen sweet treats.  They also serve cooked dishes too in case you don't want to skip to dessert at once. 

magnolia flavorhouse
Magnolia Flavor House has a cozy waiting area.  You'd have to stay there if you don't want to risk missing your turn when you're name is called.

magnolia flavorhouse
Although they have a counter for take-outs of food and ice cream purchases, Magnolia Flavor House has staffs to take your orders at your table.

magnolia flavorhousepresidents tub
The place is brightly with large lamps.  There are also chillers of the usual flavors and the limited edition President's Tub which can only be purchased there. 


Ice Cream Specialties

We noticed that their menu  has more variety than the previous stores.  We're glad the our old classic favorites are still there too.

peach melba
Peach Melba (240 php)
The Peach Melba is my mom's old time favorite.  She never orders anything else except for this.  I do agree with her preference on this though.  It does have an appealing taste with the peaches, nuts and light glaze of caramel syrup together with the mellow mango, strawberry and vanilla ice cream flavors.  And, it also has the classic whipped cream with cherry on top to enhance the experience.

amazing batmans brownie overload
Amazing Batman's Brownie Overload (260 php)
The Amazing Batman's Brownie Overload has two scoops of chocolate ice cream and one scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.  It has three brownies that lay on whipped cream dividing them and then showered with small marshmallows on the side.  I'm quite surprised that the brownies where plain unlike the image on the menu which looked like fudge brownies glazed with caramel.  But, this dessert with whipped cream and cherry on top was still a delicious sweet treat. 

crepe parfait
Crepe Parfait (180 php)
The Crepe Parfait has three scoops of ice cream: mango, strawberry and chocolate.  If you don't like the flavor, you can always request them to change it.  It has a frozen crispy crepe, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, chocolate wafer, chocolate coated candies and lastly, whipped cream with strawberry on top.  This is a pleasurable treat but I found it a challenge to eat with the crepe.

Flavor House Concoctions (Cold Stone Ice Creams)

The Flavor House Concoctions is actually something new to us so we decided to try one. 

citrus vanilla mango
Citrus Vanilla Mango (175 php)
The Citrus Vanilla Mango is mango ice cream mixed with white chocolate chips with mandarin orange bits on the bottom and drizzled with caramel syrup.  I found it refreshing and enjoyable to eat.  But for the price, I'd rather order the specialties with three scoops than this.  My ice cream cravings can't be satisfied by this serving size.  On the bright side, this is a great choice for those who love waffle cones.  It also has whipped cream with cherry on top and a chocolate coated stick biscuit.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Magnolia Flavorhouse serves frozen sweet treats that's perfect for the summer!  Old classics die hard and this one will last for generations.  As a ice cream lover, this is one of my favorite places to go to when at Robinson's Magnolia.  I'm certain that I'll be bound to drop by here again especially this summer season.  I'll purchase and try their President's Tub on my next visit too.

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Magnolia Flavorhouse Robsinson's Magnolia
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Quezon City, Metro Manila
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