Chinese Tikoy with Egg Recipe

To celebrate Chinese New Year, it is important to have Chinese Tikoy (Chinese Rice Cake) at the table.  Why?  The Chinese Tikoy is round so it symbolizing money and prosperity.  It is also sticky so it can bring togetherness within the family.  Aside from that the stickiness can also attract money.  

chinese white tikoy

chinese tikoy
So how do you cook you Chinese Tikoy?  Whether its the white, brown or flavored Chinese Tikoy, there are several ways of cooking it.  I've tried different flavors with this recipe such as the Ube, Langka, Pandan and Corn.  But, I really only like eating the brown Tikoy.

Let me share with you one of the ways I cook our Chinese Tikoy at home.  Since Chinese New Year last for weeks, we cook with this recipes over and over. =)  Of course, we don't eat one whole Chinese Tikoy in one seating, we refrigerate the rest.  But, if you forget to refrigerate and there are mold sprouting out.  Don't worry.  They say the Chinese Tikoy taste better when it is already infected with molds.  Just wipe of the molds with oil and it is good to go.  =)

Chinese Tikoy with Egg Recipe

1 Whole Large Chinese Tikoy 
10 Eggs
1/4 Cup Cooking Oil


Step 1: Crack and beat eggs in a bowl

Step 2: Slice the Chinese Tikoy in small 1 inch by 2 inch rectangles.  Thickness depends on your preference.

Step 3: Heat pan with cooking oil and wait until hot enough.  (For healthier option use non-stick pan and use less oil)
chinese tikoy with egg
Step 4: Dip each sliced one by one and place it on the pan until the whole pan is occupied.  

*Each slice shall not touch the rest of the slices nor is it to be placed on top of one another.

golden chinese tikoy with egg

Step 5: When egg coating is already golden brown, place it into a strainer so it won't be too oily.  
chinese tikoy with egg recipe

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for a new batch until all slices are cooked.

Hope you enjoy our Chinese Tikoy with Egg Recipe!

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Tsinoy Foodies Recipe Rating
Recipe Difficulty Level

Estimated Preparation Time
5 minutes

Estimated Cooking Time
2 minutes per batch