IHOP Restaurant: All-Day Breakfast Hype at Bonifacio Global City

We've already reserved our dinner at someplace else when I hinted to my mom that the IHOP Restaurant is just around the area.  I thought she was kidding when she told us to go eat there after because she's been seeing it on Facebook a lot.

ihop restaurant

So after dinner, we shifted parking and went on over to IHOP (International House of Pancakes).  It was nearly 10 in the evening on a Saturday night and we were told that we were 34th in line  We didn't mind the wait because we it was within the Bonifacio High Street area so we took our time shopping.  We returned a hour later and we were just in time.

ihop restaurant
We were ushered to the second floor just by the staircase.  We could see that the diner was packed from booths to small tables.   We were introduced to our server named "Cherrie" who took our orders as well. 


Meat-Free Omelettes

ihop omelette
SIMPLE & FIT Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette (comes with Buttermilk Pancakes) (325 php)
We chose the SIMPLE & FIT Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette because thaccording to the menu, the SIMPLE & FIT is a smart selection.  This is the best among our orders.  This had generous proportions of spinach, mushroom and tomato bits along with delicious hollandaise sauce, light and fluffy omelette and melted swiss cheese.  I'll probably order this again on my subsequent visits.

buttermilk pancakes
Buttermilk Pancakes (195 php if ordered separately)
Our server Cherrie informed us that our SIMPLE & FIT Spinach, Mushroom & Tomato Omelette comes with Buttermilk Pancakes.   Good thing she told us that because we would've order another pancake.  The pancake looks thick and fluffy.  I spread the buttermilk and tried their four types of syrups.  Sadly, the consistency of this pancake failed to impress me.  It was thick and fluffy but it was definitely not light.  It was not served warm and the taste was bland.  Upon forking it, bits and crumbs begin to fall out before it even reaches my mouth.   

Pancake Flavors
wholewheat pancakes blueberries
Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries (225 php)
Although my mom initially wanted to try the Create-A-Face Pancake under the Just For Kids section, we settled for the Whole Wheat Pancakes with Blueberries.  The Whole Wheat Pancakes is a more heavy and dry version of the ordinary pancakes.  It's served with lemon and bluberries which were apparently frozen since they seemed dry.   It is also topped with powdered sugar.  I liked the lemon concept because it adds a wonderful citrus flavor that counters the sweetness and dryness well.   But still, chewing this was not fun at all.  Thus, my little sisters left all this for me after trying out only a small slice. 

ihop pancake syrups
Pancake Syrups: Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Blueberry and Old Fashioned
Among their pancake syrups which are found in each table, I loved the Old Fashioned and Butter Pecan the most.  The other two were too sweet for my taste so I'd recommend them for kids. 

Savory Crepes
chicken florentine crepes
Chicken Florentine Crepes (345 php)
Cherrie recommended that we try the Chicken Florentine Crepes because its a popular order by their customers.  We took her advise.  It took a long time and some follow ups before our order arrived.  Is it just me or does this lack in terms of presentation?

chicken florentine crepes
Chicken Florentine Crepes (345 php)
 The Chicken Florentine Crepes are soggy crepes filled with chicken breast cubes, fresh spinach, mushroom bits, onions and swiss cheese.  It was topped with Hollandaise sauce.  The chicken cubes were tough and dry.  The fillings were tad too salty for our taste.  According to the menu, this was supposed to be "lightly" seasoned.  My mom wanted to request it back to the kitchen but all of us were worried that it would take to long to come back so we left this unfinished. 


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Shakes (145 php) and Splashberry (175 php)
IHOP Splashers (Free Refills)
The Splashberry is similar to an Italian soda with lemon-lime flavor mixed with premium orange juice and then topped with frozen strawberries.  This is delicious and refreshing.  I even enjoyed spooning and eating the strawberries.  Did I mention this comes with free refills too?   And, when they refill, they replace the entire glass.  Wish our server was more easy to spot though.

The Seasonal Fresh Fruit Shake available is watermelon so my little sister ordered that.  It was nothing special and too sweet of a blend too. 

IHOP International House Roast Flavored Coffee

french vanilla
French Vanilla (145 php)
swiss mocha
Swiss Mocha (145 php)
They serve their coffee in a large cup that are almost soup size.  My siblings found it lacking in aroma and flavor.  Perhaps, for coffee lovers, the Never Empty Coffee Pot would be a wiser option.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
IHOP Restaurant offers all-day breakfast and refillable drink selections which would have been great if they had FREE WiFi which they don't offer yet.  Other than the omelette, I found the experience not worth the hype.  Is it just a bad batch?  Should I give it another shot?  Would certainly love to hear from you cause I don't get it. 

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