Movie Stars Cafe and Restaurant: Movie Memorabilia Studio

Despite it being my finals week, I just couldn't say no to my mom's bright excitement to watch Pyromusical Competition while dining at Movie Stars Cafe.  After almost two hours of lining up for a parking slot, we reach made our way to Movie Stars Cafe which had closed their doors and were declining to take in more clients.  Fortunately, we somehow managed to get in.  

movie stars cafe
The Movie Stars Cafe is difficult to miss with its huge lighted sign and the large crown peeking through its glass windows.  The movie geek in us were all squealing with glee.

movie stars cafe
King Kong
 Even outside, they have this large King Kong display.

movie stars cafe
Jack and Sally of Nightmare Before Christmas
As its outside centerpiece, there is a display of Jack and Sally of Nightmare Before Christmas. Seeing this reminded me of the time I watched this Tim Burton movie with my siblings and cousins when we were little kids.  

As expected from a  movie memorabilia studio,there are life-sized statues of your favorite movie characters like Spider-Man.

movie stars cafe

movie stars cafe
Movie Posters and Memorabilias

The dining area is really grand.  There are tv screens everywhere.  It shows only three channels though.  The orange cozy seats, the costumed servers, posters, life-sized statues memorabilia transports you to a whole new world indeed.

They also have an al fresco area.  They have a separate buffet table and stage there too.

the joker
The Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight
Here's The Joker, a role excellently played by the late Heath Ledger.  He may have been gone, but his character is pretty much alive in our memories right?

Batman from Batman: The Dark Knight
C-3PO from Star Wars
My family is a huge Star Wars fan.  We must have watched a marathon of the two trilogies at least twice after seeing them in the movies.  C-3PO has consistently appeared on all of them.  The details of this C-3PO is impressive. 

ironman mark IV
Iron Man Mark VI Armor from Iron Man 2
The  life-sized Iron Man Mark VI Armor from Iron Man 2 brings back memories of Tony Stark scenes where Robert Downey Jr. excellently displayed his character of being cool and bad-ass right?  

And, who doesn't love Shrek?  It's one of the most memorable fun and entertaining animated films of all times.  The movie made use of various kinds of humor that will certainly leave you bursting in laughter.

Spider-Man from Spider-Man
This Spider-Man is from the Spider-Man movie of 2002.  I personally prefer this over the new costume in The Amazing Spider-Man Movie.

Sandtrooper from Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Basing on its armor, this is a Sandtrooper from Star Wars IV: A New Hope.  A Sandtrooper is a  Stormtrooper in that are specialized in dessert environments since they are equipped with cooling systems.  Thy can be distinguished from the Stormtroopers by their pauldron on their right shoulder, chest armor and diamond kneeplate.   

movie stars cafe performance
Movie Stars Cafe Performance Show
Watching the Movie Stars Cafe Performance Show while enjoying your meal is an awesome experience.  All the servers are called to the stage and they will performed dance numbers.  They are very lively so its fun to watch.  There are over 30 servers in costume out there.  There's Optimus Prime from Transformers, V from V for Vendetta, Spider-Man, Snow White and more.  

After the show, the large screen is turned on and there is also a live band on the side by the bar. 

I tried to capture some shots of the servers.  They were very friendly and accommodating when it comes to photographs.  

gingerbread man
Gingerbread Man

movie stars cafe

movie stars cafe

movie stars cafe

captain america costume
Captain America


Dino Buffet (699 php from 6-9pm)
Everyone is availing the Dino Buffet so we went for it too.

dino buffet

dino buffet

dino buffet
dino buffet
dino buffet
dino buffet

dino buffet
My Plates
dino buffet
Main Course
The salad is fresh so its pretty good.  The burger has got to be the worst I've ever tried.  It doesn't even taste like meat.  I really wished I skipped it.  I've had four types of sausages.  Some were good while some were so-so.  My steak was tough but according to my family, you can request a newly cooked batch so its tender and juicy.  The breaded chicken fingers and the fish fillet were also okay.

dino buffet
I got everything from the dessert selection.  The Banana Cake was good.  The cakes are random.  The Chocolate Munchkin was okay.  The Jelly with Corn was pretty good.  But if you want to play it safe, I'd go for the Fresh Fruits.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Movie Stars Cafe and Restaurant is a fun place to be.  The friendly and lively staffs as well as the grand movie memorabilia studio and dining area is superb.  The food is quite pricey for its so-so quality but I think its worth it because along with that price is the awesome experience.  If you think about it, its like paying for the an entrance to a performance show, live band, museum plus you get to dine and have fun. 

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Movie Stars Cafe and Restaurant
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Pasay City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Thurs: 12 pm - 2 am
Fri-Sat: 12 pm - 4 am
Sun: 12 pm - 12 am
Payment Options   Cash
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Budget/Person 300-1,000
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