Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival Mini: My Failed Mini Birthday Cake

The highlight of every birthday is the birthday cake.  This year, I thought of saving some cash by buying a Tayabel Pistanchio Sans Rival Mini from Ensogo.  


Everything went smoothly from my reservation to the pick-up at their house at Makati.  However, we were all surprised when the cake was handed over.


tayabel pistachio sans rival mini
As I received the box, I soon realized that I should have checked the details well.  As we read the highlights tab in Ensogo, it stated that its width is 4 inches and height is 3 inches.

tayabel pistachio sans rival mini

tayabel pistachio sans rival mini
Pistachio Sans Rival Mini (440 php)
All of the years we bought cakes from shops, delis and hotel bakeshops, we have never encountered a mini cake as pricey as Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival Mini.  The price was confirmed by Tayabel through email too.

tayabel pistachio sans rival mini
Pistachio Sans Rival Mini (440 php)
The taste of the Pistachio Sans Rival Mini was pretty good.  The smooth icing was topped with roasted pistachio bits.  The layers of meringue had the right texture and sweetness. 

Luckily, my guests were late so we finished the cake in just a few bites.  To cover my failure, we, Tsinoy Foodies, went to Banapple to buy a Banoffie Pie which I shall share next time.

We all laughed about it as we went home.  My little sister was supposed to buy me a cake at Shangrila.  Kurt was suppose to give buy me a cheesecake as a gift.  I declined all of it for Tayabel's Pistachio Sans Rival Mini.  =p

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Tayabel's Pistanchio Sans Rival Mini is the most luxurious Pistachio Sans Rival we have tried yet.  Although it is delicious, the price consideration will hinder us from buying this again.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Tayabel Pistachio Sans Rival Mini Price
440 php
=Favorites or Recommended 
Pick Up Address
4153 Olivares St., Palanan, Makati City
Business Hours

Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Contact (02) 828-0657 / (0917) 555-5121
Other  Email: tayabelcakes@yahoo.com Facebook Fan Page
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Latte Love: A Latte Art Workshop at SM Prestige

A passion for coffee is one thing my entire family have in common.  Every morning, my brother would grind coffee beans through our Krups coffee grinder and brew them through our Krups coffee maker.  So when we received an invite from Krups Philippines to attend the 4th Latte Love: A Latte Art Workshop. Unlike the prior workshops, the invite is for couples so I immediately signed us, Tsinoy Foodies, for it.

Latte Love
Latte Love is a workshop that seeks to inspire ordinary coffee drinkers like us to learn how to make latte art similar to those performed by our favorite coffee shops.  They want to show us that it can be done at our own households.  All we need is Krups Espresso Makers, Milk, Chocolate Syrup and Imagination.

The Latte Love workshops are conducted by Mr. Mike Canlas, a Professional Barista Instructor from the Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy and two Barista Competition Champions, Miko Simangan and Kevin Fortu from Lyceum of the Philippines.

As soon as the emcee introduced Mike Canlas, he familiarized the us with the components of  Latte Art.  They then proceeded in displaying to us their Latte Art samples.  

There were cups and cups of fascinating Latte Arts.

While the baristas were busy, the emcee raffled T-shirts to the audience.

The first batch of participants had their workshop session wherein they each had a barita instructor to guide them through.  Mike Canlas and the judges overlooks and inspects the  Latte Artworks of the contestants.  While they were competing, Kurt and I were focused on the TV screen trying to gain more  Latte Art ideas.

Latte Art First Batch Winners
The mother and son tandem won because they produced three cups of beautiful Latte Arts.  Congratulations to them! 

During the intermission, we were given samples of Folgers vanilla coffee.  We didn't like the way it was prepared.  It was too sweet for our taste.

After the break, Mike Canlas taught us how to make appetizing coffee concoctions like the Iced Coffee Mocha, Cookies and Cream Frappucino, Orange Frappucino and Peanut Butter Frappucino.  

Iced Coffee Mocha and Cookies and Cream Frappucino
As the baristas were preparing for the second session of participants, they again gave away a number of prizes.


Finally, it was our turn to try Latte Art.  Overlooking at the tables beside us, they were all quick to move and their works were really good.  Our barista instructor was slowly but surely teaching us step-by-step.  He also explained that only an espresso maker produces the foam which is needed for  Latte Art.  I guess we need to upgrade our Krups coffee maker for a Krups espresso maker soon.  We didn't mind losing to duo on the next table who made an amazing Mickey Mouse  Latte Art .  We all applaud as they were awarded their prize.

Krups Philippines was also raffled a Krups toaster.  Everyone was crossing their fingers for it.  The lucky winner of the toaster is also the winner of the first batch.  That's double congratulations for them!

They also announced that SM Appliance Center and SM Homeworld will be having a 10% off on all Krups items from February 10-29, 2012 except the models XP2240, XP5220 which comes with a FREE F203 Coffee Mill and EA8025 which comes with a FREE XL2000 Automatic Milk Frother. 

We would like to thank the sponsors Meadow Fresh, Jif, Folgers and Krups Philippines for the Latte Love: A Latte Art Workshop.

Thank you Krups Philippines for the invite!
Latte Love: A Latte Art Workshop was a fruitful workshop for the us, Tsinoy Foodies.  We learned a lot.  While watching the demonstration, Latte Art looked really difficult to do.  But as we were instructed step-by-step during the session, we found it amazing that we each got to create our own Latte Art.  With enough practice, we are both confident that we can make attractive  Latte Arts.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pizza Volante at Session Road Baguio City

Passion for pizza is one thing we Tsinoy Foodies have in common so we both agreed on having our lunch at Pizza Volante.  Pizza Volante is one of the many restaurants found along Session Road, Baguio City.

Although the facade of Pizza Volante is only a table wide glass window, it is actually quite spacious inside.  It had a stairway towards the second and third floor.

Pizza Volante had pink walls with hanged frames.  We also noticed that it had unique and stylish lightings.  There is a menu board on top and beside the kitchen window. 

Pizza Volante did not have any air condition.  During our presence there was a lot of smoking diners on the first floor where we were tabled which made me a bit uncomfortable.  Perhaps, next time we should ask to be lead to a non-smoking area.


Pizza Marengo 6 inch (92 php)
Being a meat lover, the Pizza Marengo was fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt's idea.  The Pizza Marengo had chicken breast bits, button mushrooms, onions, olives and green and red bell peppers drowned in oozing mozzarella cheese.  It was delicious!  The ingredients were fresh and tasty.  The chicken was lean and healthy too.  The pizza dough was soft and chewy.

Vegetarian Pizza
 Vegetarian's Dream Pizza 6 inch (89 php)
Since I love vegetables, I ordered the Vegetarian's Dream Pizza.  It had fresh slices of pimentos or cherry peppers, zucchini, broccoli, button mushrooms and onions.  The taste had a hint of basil, olive oil, parmesan and mozzarella.  This is one of the best vegetarian pizza's we have tried!  We both loved this.  The fresh ingredients contributed into making this a flavorful and fulfilling pizza.

Spaghetti Bolognese Regular (104 php)
We wanted to try their pasta so we wanted to order the Pesto on Pasta but it was unavailable.  The server suggested we try the Spaghetti Bolognese which was one of their best sellers.  The Spaghetti Bolognese did not meet our expectation.  The sauce lacked in flavor.  The pasta was uncooked so it was a bit tough to chew.  We both shared the same sentiment that ordering another pizza would have ended in a more satisfying meal.

Cold Drinks
Calamansi Juice (20 php)
The Calamansi Juice was served in a large glass with ice.  It also came with brown sugar.  The Calamansi Juice was too bland that it felt like drinking water with a hint of calamansi. 
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Tsinoy Foodies loved the pizza at Pizza Volante.  They serve pizzas with generous amount of cheese, the right dough texture and topped with the freshest and finest ingredients.  We will definitely visit Pizza Volante again when craving for pizza at Baguio City.  For the pasta, we may need to give it another try.  The drinks are very affordable but I wouldn't mind spending more for a tastier beverage.  

Tsinoy Foodies Review RatingPizza Volante Menu
AmbianceMenu | Menu 2 
=Favorites or Recommended 
Pizza Volante
Business Address82 Session RoadBaguio City
Business Hours
24 Hours
Payment Options  Cash
Service Charge

(74) 445-0777
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Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop: Great Dessert Place in Baguio City

Last October, we Tsinoy Foodies were rushing to the bus station after having lunch.   Suddenly, we had this nagging feeling to have some dessert first as we glanced over the cake shelf inside Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop at Session Road.  

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop has a simple and clean interiors.  It was well lit with portraits hanged on its plain white walls.

As we entered, we quickly approached the cakes.  As we glanced over the sweet creations, we figured we have come to the right place for our dessert desires.



Viscoz Restaurant and Cake Shop had a lot of cakes on display.
krema de fruita
Krema de Fruita (425 php)
ube cake
Ube Cake 8 Inch (425 php)
strawberry shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake 8 inch (610 php)
carrot cake
Carrot Cake 8 inch (700 php)
strawberry tart
Strawberry Tart 
Our Orders
strawberry shortcake
 Strawberry Shortcake Slice (80 php)
It took us some time to decide what to order because all of the choices were equally tempting.  I finally settled with the Strawberry Shortcake and it was the right option!  The cake was topped with glazed fresh tangy strawberry slices.  The cream was so light.  The sponge cake was so soft and moist.  The filling has a flavorful strawberry taste.  Everything was perfect.  Each bite of the  Strawberry Shortcake  makes you want to have more of it.  I love it!  This is one of the best Strawberry Shortcakes we have tried.

Oreo Cheesecake Slice (105 php)
Fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt chose the Oreo Cheesecake.  The rich heavy cheesecake filling was topped with Oreo bits and Oreo filling.  It also had an Oreo crust.  The Oreo Cheesecake was pretty good.  I'm sure Oreo lovers like me will enjoy this.  However, Kurt thought that the Oreo filling on the top made the Oreo Cheesecake a bit sweet.

Other Reviews in Baguio City
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop offers great selections of cakes that will not disappoint. The Strawberry Shortcake is a must try!  It's the type of cake that will always leave you craving for more.  Both of us agree that it's worth coming back to.  The prices are reasonable since their cakes are of premium quality.  The ambiance and service is pretty good too!

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop Menu
Ambiance Breakfast | Menu | Menu 2 |
Menu 3 | Menu 4 |
Pizza | Drinks | Cakes | 
=Favorites or Recommended 
Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop
Business Address 5C Puso ng Baguio Building, Session Road, Baguio City
Business Hours
Mon-Thurs, Sun: 7am-10pm
Sat-Fri: 7am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 60-200
(74) 446-7082
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant: Chinese Food with Baguio City Twist

On our last night at Baguio City last October, fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt was so hungry so we rushed off to Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant.  It was located uphill near the Dangwa Jeepney Terminal behind the Baguio Center Mall

good taste cafe and restaurant
Kurt kept on asking me if I was sure that it is the right place since it is quite hidden.  The exterior of the place also did not look inviting.  

good taste cafe and restaurant
As we went down, we saw a number of people waiting for their take out.  We could also hear the familiar noises of a typical Chinese restaurant.  There were loud chatters accompanied by clangs from utensils signifying that it was a busy restaurant.

good taste cafe and restaurant

good taste cafe and restaurant
Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant is probably the largest restaurant we've been to in Baguio City and it was very crowded!  We observed that the turn over is quick too.

The waitress approached us for our order and Kurt started ordering a lot of food.  I tried to warn him that it was too much for the both of us.  But, he just gave me a gaze that told me not to meddle with a hungry man so I backed off and let him order as he pleased. 


fried rice
Fried Rice (Good for 6) (125 php)
The Fried Rice was nothing special but it was generous in serving.  It was really good for 6 people.  It was huge that we couldn't even eat half of it.  The next time we'll visit good taste, we will probably order the Fried Rice (Good for 3).

Family Style
garlic butter chicken
Garlic Buttered Chicken (150 php)
The Garlic Buttered Chicken was very tasty that its best eaten with rice.  It was generous in serving too.  

fried bituka
Fried Bituka (135 php)
It was my first time to try Fried Bituka.  Kurt ordered this because he wanted to compare it with his mom's cooking.  Although Kurt enjoys this dish, it's not exactly my type because it was oily and the tough to chew. 

sinigang na baboy
Sinigang na Baboy (105 php)
The Sinigang na Baboy was rich in both pork and vegetables.  But, it was not sour enough for me.  I also prefer the sinigang with a hint of spiciness. 

Cold Beverages
Mango Iced Tea 16 oz. (30 php)
The Mango Iced Tea was delicious.  I liked that the mango made the iced tea smoother to drink.  Since I enjoy mango juice, I liked the blending of mango and iced tea.
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant really serves good tasting dishes!  The food is quite generous in serving and the price is affordable.  If you ask me I think just the Garlic Buttered Chicken is enough for a group.  We walked back to Eurotel Baguio so full that night.  It was like we ate in an eat-all-you can restaurant.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant Menu
Ambiance Menu | Menu 2
=Favorites or Recommended 
Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant 
Business Address
No. 8 Lapu-Lapu Street, Baguio City, Philippines
Business Hours 24 Hours
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 65-200

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