Scrambled Eggs Using Lady's Choice Mayonnaise (Scrambulicious) Recipe

Last week, Lady's Choice sent us a package along with some recipes.  We were really curious to see whether we could cook the same delectable scrambled eggs as the ones we saw in TV advertisements.  So, we decided to try it out!

Scrambled Eggs Using Lady's Choice Mayonnaise (Scrambulicious) Recipe 


4 Pcs Eggs
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 Ground Pepper 
4 Tbsp Lady's Choice REAL Mayonaise
2 Tbsp Cooking Oil (For healthier option you can use PAM cooking oil spray on a non-stick pan)

Step 1: Beat the eggs, salt and pepper until frothy

color looks lighter with the Lady's Choice REAL Mayonnaise
Step 2: Put the Lady's Choice REAL Mayonnaise
Step 3: Heat Oil on Frying Pan and add the beating eggs.

Step 4: Stir while cooking until the egg solidifies.
Doesn't it look fluffier and creamier?
Enjoy our Scrambled Eggs Using Lady's Choice Mayonnaise (Scrambulicious) Recipe!

Tsinoy Foodies Recipe Rating
Recipe Difficulty Level
Estimated Preparation Time1 minute
Estimated Cooking Time2 minutes per batch