Market Cafe: Simply Irresistible Rizal Favorites at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila (Kulinarya Kalayaan 2012)

My friend Sumi and I are fan of the great food and service at Market Cafe (see previous entry).  So when we heard that they are also joining the "Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival", we were excited to try out their Rizal inspired offerings.

During the period of the "Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival" (June 10-20, 2012), diners can enjoy simply irresistible Rizal's favorite authentic Filipino dishes spread all over their buffet stations.  

To be honest, I consider myself as someone that is difficult to impress when it comes to Filipino dishes because it is a cuisine our home is accustomed to.  But, I was surprised that each classic Filipino dish that Market Cafe offered was delicious!  I can count by fingers the number of times, I enjoyed eating out with Filipino cuisine and this is one of them. 

filipino green mango salad
Filipino Green Mango Salad
For me, a good Filipino Green Mango Salad should have the freshest and finest ingredients and a great-tasting bagoong.  This is it!

laguna cheese with dilis
♥ Laguna Cheese with Dilis
One of my companion is from Laguna and he swears that he has never tried a Laguna Cheese with Dilis as delicious as this.  I totally agree with him.  In addition to the addictive taste, the contrast of texture between the smooth Laguna Cheese and the perfectly crunchy Dilis was superb. 

pancit bihon
♥ Pancit Bihon
Although the Pancit Bihon is a simple dish, seldom do I find one that has the perfect blend.  Market Cafe's Pancit Bihon is cooked just the way I like it.  The noodles portrayed the natural flavors of its ingredients.  I was able to appreciate the natural sweetness of the seafood and vegetables.  The noodles were bouncy, the seafood was tender and the vegetables were crunchy.  

tokwa at baboy
Tokwa't Baboy
The Tokwa't Baboy is beautifully cooked too.  Eating it with its garlic vinegar soy sauce is such a delight.

inihaw na baboy
♥ Inihaw na Baboy
The Inihaw na Baboy is oh so succulent and it bore a valiant smokey marinated taste.  It was so tender, you could easily cut it through with a bread knife. 

Escabeche is a Spanish dish adapted here in the Philippines.  Market Cafe's Escabeche is mildy sour but still emphasizing on the natural sweetness of the fish.

chicken tinola
Chicken Tinola
sinigang na ulang
Sinigang na Ulang
My Sinigang na Ulang
I find it ingenious that Market Cafe separated the soup of the Sinigang na Ulang from the rest of the ingredients to keep the vegetables fresh and crunchy still throughout the buffet period.  But, since the tomatoes and chili was not cooked together with the broth, the tamarind soup lacked the enhanced spiciness and tanginess which those ingredients could provide for. 

ube halaya
 Ube Halaya
The Ube Halaya is my favorite among the selection.  It was flawlessly smooth, fine and thick.  You can taste the gallant ube flavors in every bite as its excellent texture massages through your mouth.

The Turon is thinly sliced banana within a crispy lumpia wrapper and coated in caramel and topped with sesame seeds.  I enjoyed the crunchiness of their Turon.  But I felt that this was outshone by the other Filipino desserts.  

I'm a fan of Puto.  I just love this simple steamed cake topped with cheese.  It has a nice chewiness in it.  

rizals favorite fruits
Rizal's Favorite Fruits (Pineapple, Mangoes, Atis)
We enjoyed the Pandan Tea and the Tablea de Cacao.  The Pandan Tea has a light and neutral flavor that makes it a great match to any dish.  I also loved their hot Tablea de Cacao.  It wasn't pure cocoa.  Instead it had a mild peanut butter taste and peanut bits.

Overall, the Rizal Favorites are great additions to their already astounding buffet spread so grab the chance to try them while you can.

Market Cafe at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
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