Capricciosa: Italian Defined the Japanese Way

Since we don't frequent Greenbelt 3, there's so many restaurants within the area that we want to try.  Allured by their large tarpaulins and menu with appetizing photos, we decided to give Capricciosa a try.

Capricciosa is an international Italian restaurant chain established by a Japanese Chef Masaaki Honda who went to Italy in 1962 to pursue his dream of becoming the best chef in Italian cuisine.  In 1978, he went back to Shibuya in Japan and opened the flagship Capricciosa restaurant.  After 33 years, it is now in 6 countries with 150 branches and over 12 million customers annually. According to our server, the chef here is a Filipino who trained gained his experience in Capricciosa Saipan.  

Cappriciosa is quite spacious with large food photos, labelled lighting, LCD screen, a bar, open kitchen and plenty of tables.  The place was packed when we came in.

capriciossa cakes
While being led to our seats, I couldn't help but notice their cake chiller.  


Antipasti (appetizer)
Escargot (395 php)
The Escargot is baked in a special garlic butter sauce and served with garlic bread.  I know it sounds pretty simple but its one of the best Escargot dishes that I have ever tried.  The way it was cooked was able to bring out the best texture and flavor subtleties of an enjoyable Escargot.

Insalata (Salad)
ceasar salad
Ceasar Salad Grande (325 php)
The Ceasar Salad is our classic favorite.  Capricciosa's style is filled with equally sliced crispy lettuce topped with rich bacon bits, croutons and Parmesan cheese.

Cadli (Ala Carte)
shrimp and spinach gratin
Shrimp and Spinach Gratin (575 php)
The Shrimp and Spinach Gratin is rigatoni pasta served with sauteed shrimp and spinach baked in cream sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese.  Although all the dishes we ordered were a hit, this is my personal favorite for the night.  The sweet shrimp and the spinach together with the sauce were a fine blend.

Carni (Meat)
grilled rosemary chicken
Grilled Rosemary Chicken (585 php)
The Grilled Rosemary Chicken is cooked perfectly with the delightful scent and flavors of the rosemary and garlic.  Adding a bit of zest from the lemon does its tender and succulent chicken meat wonders.  The tasty crispy chicken skin is so delicious too!

Vegetariano (vegetarian)
eggplant and spinach
Eggplant and Spinach Grande (495 php)
The tangy but light spaghetti sauce where able to bring out the distinct flavors of the Eggplant and Spinach.  The pasta is very chunky with tomato bits, eggplants slices and spinach leaves.

Dolce (dessert)
Tiramisu (195 php)
Although Tiramisu sounds Japanese, it is the most popular Italian dessert.  Capricciosa's Tiramisu is soaked in espresso coffee.  I love how it wet my mouth with all the coffee goodness.  It is topped with mascarpone, cream cheese, chocolate and cocoa powder to bring a wholesome satisfaction.  This is one of the best versions I have tried yet.  

apple ala mode
Apple Ala Mode (230 php)
The Apple Ala Mode is filled with apple slices and cinnamon topped with some crumble and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The tangy and crunchy apple slices is perfectly enhanced by the fragrant cinnamon and sweet vanilla ice cream.  But, clearly the Tiramisu is the victor for the night.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Capricciosa serves great food and the price is reasonable for their generous proportions.  All the dishes we ordered were awesome.  We would definitely visit this again.  We want to try the Pumpkin Pie too which was sold out when we arrived.

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Capricciosa Greenbelt 3
Business Address
3/F Greenbelt 3,
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-700
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 757-7811
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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