Milo Soft Serve: My Favorite Cheap Treat!

Have you ever experience a hot day when you feel like the heat is sucking out all the energy out of you?  At times like those, I'd eat my favorite sweet treat of all... Ice Cream!  Sometimes, I'd just open the fridge and scoop some ice cream or grab an ice cream bar.  But, there are times at we run out of ice cream too.  In those moments, I always walk to the nearest mall to buy some Milo Soft Serve.
Milo Stall at Robinson's Place 3rd Floor
 Milo Soft Serve (10 php)
Milo Soft Serve tastes exactly like the Milo Energy Drink but way cooler.  If you love the Milo Energy Drink then I'm sure you'll love this too.  It only costs 10 pesos.  Aside from keeping me cool, its an energy booster too!   It's a bang for the buck right?

Update (February 5, 2014): It is still there but the quality is not the same.  It now tastes as boring as ordinary chocolate soft serves. =(  They should've just increased the price!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Milo Soft Serve is an affordable ice cream treat for everyone.  It's a great way to refresh and energize yourself.  It is best suited for Milo Energy Drink lovers.  I'm actually impressed that they were able to remain consistent with the taste of the Milo Energy Drink despite serving it in other forms. 

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