The Flying Gecko Restaurant and Pub in Baguio City (Closed)

As soon as we arrived in Baguio City last October, we quickly searched for a place to eat our brunch.  Our first food stop is The Flying Gecko located at Session Road, Baguio City.  

Daily Brunch Specials

The restaurant has this simple but clean ambiance.  There were portraits hanged on its walls.  Diners were either reading the morning paper or watching the TV.

We noticed that most group customers preferred to eat at the pub so we, Tsinoy Foodies, followed them as we waited for our orders.

The pub is a cozier place with its unique cabin like ambiance.  It had wooden benches.  We regretted not having dined there instead.


Brian's Bread
Complementary Whole Wheat Pandesal
We were given a complementary Whole Wheat Pandesal while waiting for our orders.  I don't usually eat pandesal but I liked their Whole Wheat Pandesal.

Gecko's Special
 Beef Rouladen with Rice *Half Order (220 php)
Tsinoy Foodie Kurt ordered the Beef Rouladen with Rice.  He chose rice over mashed potatoes which is a good choice because they serve quality Jasmine and Calrose Rice.  The Beef Rouladen is a round steak stuffed with smoked bacon and topped with sour cream sauce.  It was tightly meaty inside the roll.  Kurt loved this!  Although I'm not such a meat eater.  I liked it too!  It is very delicious!  

Beef Goulash with Mashed Potatoes *Half Order (195 php)

According to the menu, the Beef Goulash was supposed to be with paprika, onion, tomatoes and bell pepper.  But I simply could not find any tomato or bell pepper bits anywhere.  Despite the lack of ingredients, the Beef Goulash was strong in flavor sort of like peppered gravy.  The beef cubes were soft and tender.  Unlike fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt, I didn't feel like eating rice so I chose mashed potatoes.  

Coffee with Ice Cream (80 php)
The Coffee with Ice Cream is cold brewed coffee with soft serve ice cream.  The drink was good but nothing special.  

Update: The Flying Gecko Restaurant and Pub has closed down last September 2012 and has been replaced by Point & Grill. =(
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Flying Gecko Restaurant and Pub is a nice place to taste quality dishes.  We were impressed that they serve whole wheat bread and Jasmine rice that it felt like quality staples we have at home.  The Beef Rouladen is a must try!  Although we ordered only half orders, if you add extra staples, it is sufficient for a whole meal.  Although the price is a bit expensive, we still think it is worth the try.

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Flying Gecko Restaurant and Pub
Business Address 102 Session Road, Baguio City
Business Hours 24 Hours
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 250-700
Contact (0999) 436-9050
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