Binatog: Baguio City Street Style

One time I was walking along the streets of Manila when we heard a vendor in a bicycle ringing his bell.  He had a styrofoam ice box at the back of his bicycle.  When I asked fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt what the vendor was selling, he told me they were "Binatog".   For many years, I would hear those vendors ring their bells as we walk on the streets and never have I dared to try them.  

Binatog (10 php)
During our visit to Baguio City last October, Kurt and I were roaming around the chilly streets to look for a place to eat dinner.  When Kurt saw an old lady selling Binatog along an overpass.  Unlike the sellers in bicycles in Manila, the old lady positioned herself along the side of the overpass among the fruit sellers.  He asked me if I wanted one.  But, before I could reply he already bought as some. 

I eagerly watched as the old lady scooped our orders into plastic cups.  The old lady was so nice!  She saw how excited I was so she gave us extra scoops.  She then placed plastic spoons and handed them out to me.  
My Binatog 
I stared down my warm cup in amazement.  Kurt was teasing me for not knowing what a Binatog was.  I then took a spoonful of the Binatog and couldn't stop eating it.  It's warmth was perfect for the cold night in Baguio City.  The sensation of sticky corn with milk and sugar was also delightful.  I loved it!

Kurt's Binatog
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I am now a Binatog fan.  I will certainly buy another cup of Binatog there whenever I visit Baguio City.   Binatog is the the perfect street food for the climate of Baguio City.  It's so cheap too!

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Binatog - 10 php
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