Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant: Chinese Food with Baguio City Twist

On our last night at Baguio City last October, fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt was so hungry so we rushed off to Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant.  It was located uphill near the Dangwa Jeepney Terminal behind the Baguio Center Mall

good taste cafe and restaurant
Kurt kept on asking me if I was sure that it is the right place since it is quite hidden.  The exterior of the place also did not look inviting.  

good taste cafe and restaurant
As we went down, we saw a number of people waiting for their take out.  We could also hear the familiar noises of a typical Chinese restaurant.  There were loud chatters accompanied by clangs from utensils signifying that it was a busy restaurant.

good taste cafe and restaurant

good taste cafe and restaurant
Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant is probably the largest restaurant we've been to in Baguio City and it was very crowded!  We observed that the turn over is quick too.

The waitress approached us for our order and Kurt started ordering a lot of food.  I tried to warn him that it was too much for the both of us.  But, he just gave me a gaze that told me not to meddle with a hungry man so I backed off and let him order as he pleased. 


fried rice
Fried Rice (Good for 6) (125 php)
The Fried Rice was nothing special but it was generous in serving.  It was really good for 6 people.  It was huge that we couldn't even eat half of it.  The next time we'll visit good taste, we will probably order the Fried Rice (Good for 3).

Family Style
garlic butter chicken
Garlic Buttered Chicken (150 php)
The Garlic Buttered Chicken was very tasty that its best eaten with rice.  It was generous in serving too.  

fried bituka
Fried Bituka (135 php)
It was my first time to try Fried Bituka.  Kurt ordered this because he wanted to compare it with his mom's cooking.  Although Kurt enjoys this dish, it's not exactly my type because it was oily and the tough to chew. 

sinigang na baboy
Sinigang na Baboy (105 php)
The Sinigang na Baboy was rich in both pork and vegetables.  But, it was not sour enough for me.  I also prefer the sinigang with a hint of spiciness. 

Cold Beverages
Mango Iced Tea 16 oz. (30 php)
The Mango Iced Tea was delicious.  I liked that the mango made the iced tea smoother to drink.  Since I enjoy mango juice, I liked the blending of mango and iced tea.
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant really serves good tasting dishes!  The food is quite generous in serving and the price is affordable.  If you ask me I think just the Garlic Buttered Chicken is enough for a group.  We walked back to Eurotel Baguio so full that night.  It was like we ate in an eat-all-you can restaurant.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant Menu
Ambiance Menu | Menu 2
=Favorites or Recommended 
Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant 
Business Address
No. 8 Lapu-Lapu Street, Baguio City, Philippines
Business Hours 24 Hours
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 65-200

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