Wine Bar 1771: Great Wine and Good Food (part 2) (Closed)

Impressed with the Ambiance and Background of Wine Bar 1771 (see part 1), I got more enthusiastic in trying out their food.


WB Oysters
oyster rockefeller
Oyster Rockefeller (550 php)
For starters, we had the Oyster Rockefeller.   The Oyster Rockefeller are big juicy Aklan oysters topped with melted creamy cheese, spinach and bacon bits.  Upon tasting this, I instantly  understood why this dish was worth putting their name on.

WB Steaks
angus steak
Grilled Angus Striploin (1400 php)
The Grilled Angus Striploin had a standard serving size of 300 grams.  It came with some lettuce and mushroom gravy.  The Grilled Angus Striploin is Certified Angus Beef cooked medium.  It was so tender and juicy that all of us loved it! 

pumpkin mash
Sweet potato-pumpkin mash(150 php)
The Sweet potato-pumpkin mash carried the dominant taste of the pumpkin so it was like a more solidified pumpkin soup.  If you love pumpkin soup as much as I do, you'll enjoy this!   

WB Burgers
winebar burger
Winebar Burger (410 php)
The Winebar Burger is composed of a 200 gram of Certified Angus Beef patty, oozing gruyere cheese, grilled onion, Baguio tomatoes, lettuces and their home-made Brioche buns.  Mr. Cruz told us that they grind their own Angus Beef to a 20:80 ratio (80% meat).  All their pastries are freshly baked by Cafe 1771.  The Winebar Burger comes with a bone marrow which should be spread on the burger while its hot so you have to eat this dish fast!  It also comes with a large pickle which you can add on your burger.  While you're at it, you can munch on some fries too.

Salabacho (380 php)
The Salabacho is a thin crispy flavorful pizza topped with salami, bacon, chorizo and some shreds of basil.  

spicy spaghetti sardines
Spicy Spaghetti Sardines (350 php)
The Spicy Spaghetti Sardines had Spanish sardines, fried capers, toasted bread crumbs and some chili flakes.  All of us loved this!   The spiciness is not overwhelming so you can really appreciate all the ingredients.  

Spaghetti Bolognese (350 php)
I don't recall having been struck by any special impression by their Spaghetti Bolognese.  So I'll save my comments upon second try. =)

green mangobanana shakeshake

 wine jasmine tea
Naturally, some of my companions drank wine.  They also served other beverages like fresh fruit juices, fresh fruit shakes and tea like the Jasmine China Monkey King (180 php).  I ordered my favorite Green Mango Shake (145 php).  It was done just the way I like it, a bit tangy and not too sweet. 

Like the beverages, I noticed that their dessert menu is shared with Cafe 1771.  It's so funny because I everyone was saying they were full.  But, when the dessert menu was presented to us, all the ladies' eyes glittered in excitement.
chewy lemon tart
Chewy Lemon Tart (190 php)
The Chewy Lemon Tart is like a chewy lemon square but it had a thick hard crust.   It had the adequate level of sourness. 

caramel mousse
Varlhona Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake (250 php)
I found the Varlhona Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake too sweet for my taste.

chocolate excess
Chocolate Excess (270 php) 
I'm not much of a fan of chocolate cakes but I fell in love with their Chocolate Excess!  Everyone in the table had the same impression.  The Chocolate Excess is a super moist rich bitter-sweet chocolate cake with a hint of orange marmalade.  

mango tower cake
Mango Tower (200 php)
The Mango Tower is made up of Breton biscuit topped with whip cream and mango and wrapped in Varlhona dark chocolate.  
strawberry cheesecake
Strawberry Cheesecake (220 php)
The Strawberry Cheesecake is the best dessert for the night!  The no-bake cheesecake had a light texture yet rich flavor.  

apple crumble
Apple Crumble (185 php)
The Apple Crumble was okay but it did not give a unique impression upon us.  It was also based on Briton biscuit like the Mango Tower.  Both of them was not able to win our favor.

rose noire
Rose Noire (250 php)
Although group ordered two of the Rose Noire, it was not able to make our side of the table. =)

Update (August 2015): Wine Bar 1771 is now closed and the place is reverted back to Cafe 1771.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Wine Bar 1771 has a great classy cozy ambiance perfect for a date, family gathering or hanging out with friends.  They have a wide range of food selections and most of them are good for sharing.  Considering the food quality and the ambiance you get, the price is fairly reasonable.  Aside from the food, they also offer wine and beer at the adequate pricing too.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating
=Favorites or Recommended 

Wine Bar 1771 Menu 
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Wine Bar 1771
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2F Cafe 1771, El Pueblo Real de Manila, cor. J. Vargas & ADB. Avenues, Ortigas Center
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