Wine Bar 1771: The Romantic Dating Place (El Pueblo) (Closed)

Since it's nearly Valentine's Day, I'd like to share a romantic dating place where you can consider bringing along your date.  Hidden within El Pueblo at Ortigas is a restaurant bar named Wine Bar 1771, one of the restaurant concepts of the prestigious 1771 Group of Restaurants.
wine bar 1771

wine bar 1771
The Wine Bar 1771 may not be the first thing you'll notice at El Pueblo because it only has one sign. To get to the Wine Bar 1771, simply enter Cafe 1771 and find the staircase at the right side.

wine bar 1771

classy bar

table set
Date for two
lofty dining
Dining in groups
I was surprised when I reached the second floor because it was completely different from the fun, bright and airy Cafe 1771 beneath it.  Wine Bar 1771 felt like a cozy old European mansion with its beautiful chandeliers, classic leather chairs, hanged paintings, display cabinets, large draping curtains and blotchy bricked walls.  
glass cabinet
Glass and Wood Display Cabinet

As the name implies, the Wine Bar 1771 has a dark wine cellar where they store their wine selections.  
wine chiller
They also have a few wines stored in wine coolers outside the wine cellar too.

After touring the place on my own, I went to the long granite table allocated for the Eat's a Date event.  Once everyone has arrived, we were introduced to the marketing manager Mr. Cyrus Cruz who welcomed us with warm hospitality and dined with us.  He shared that the Wine Bar 1771 was established to cater to the old patrons of Chateau 1771 which was once in Ortigas but was transferred to Greenbelt 5.  He also told us that during the day, Wine Bar 1771 caters to private functions such as wedding receptions and the like.  

Side Story: When I heard Chateau 1771, I thought the name was familiar.  When I went home I found out that Chateau 1771 used to have a branch here at Malate.  My mom said my sibling and I used to love their Cheese Fondue but I don't remember it anymore.
table set up
Wine Bar 1771 Table Set Up

Update as of August 2015: Wine Bar 1771 is now closed and the place is reverted back to Cafe 1771.

Update as of December 20, 2019: Cafe 1771 has also closed down.