Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Opens Its 2nd Branch at SM Megamall B (Ortigas Pasig)

Metro Manila, Philippines

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CBTL) has sprouted a new leaf with its open kitchen concept - Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®The Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® was pioneered in High Street South amidst the pandemic - October 2020, serving all-day breakfast, gourmet dishes, specialty coffee and teas and pastries for dine-in, take-out and food delivery.

kitchen by the coffee bean and tea leaf

Followings its success, the Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® will be rolled out on more CBTL stores soon!  In fact, the Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® just opened in SM Megamall B.  Can you see its minimalist signage?

kitchen by cbtl

We really liked the bright, clean and spacious dining atmosphere of Kitchen.

coffee bean and tea leaf megamall
With this concept, the mainstay of CBTL - a place for coffees, tea and pastries is still there.  Yes, its passion for coffee and tea since 1963 lives on.    You can order drinks and displayed pastries from its typical counter. 

cbtl megamall

In addition, after your drink or on a separate occasion, you may opt to explore its expansive food menu that offers a wide range of dishes served hot and fresh from its open kitchen.


If you've tried 26th St. Bistro by CBTL before like we did, you'd notice that your old favorites with the same generous sharing portions are offered here at a lower price point.  



california cobb salad
California Cobb (395 php)

We had the California Cobb is a large salad plate with fresh romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast cubes, sliced hard-boiled eggs, corn kernels, diced tomatoes, mozzarela strips, avocado cubes, almond slices and ranch dressing.

shrimp and pomelo salad
Shrimp & Pomelo (395 php)

The Shrimp & Pomelo is a Vietnamese inspired salad with romaine lettuce, cilantro, mint leaves, poached shrimp, pomelo, roasted peanuts, dessicated coconut and coconut lime dressing.



steak chimichurri salad
Steak Chimichurri (675 php)

We especially enjoyed the Steak Chimichurri with extremely tender slices of top blade steak with chimichurri served w/ chiptotle rice and fried potato basket. 


Carbonara (365 php)

The Carbonara is the classic and homey kind of pasta you miss once in awhile.  The rich and creamy carbonara sauce is complemented by the savory bacon slices and creamy umami-rich poached egg yolk.


cbtl burger
CBTL Burger (455 php)

The  CBTL Burger is worthy holder of its namesake. Biting into the tender and juicy double USDA beef patties, romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cheese & caramelized onions is simply heavenly!  This burger meal is a wholesome and filling one with the soft and thick oatmeal buns, double patty and french fries on the side.


proscuitto pizza
Proscuitto (595 php)

The Proscuitto is a thin crispy crusted pizza topped with the finest ingredients - proscuitto, argula, tomatoes and mozarella.  


tostones with vanilla ice cream
Tostones with Vanilla Ice Cream (195 php)

The Tostones with Vanilla Ice Cream which is a double-fried thinly sliced flower-shaped bananas served with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce was such a pleasant meal ender.  The precision in the cutting and frying process which gave each tostones a crispy coating and chewy banana filling is commendable!

Coffee & Espresso


cbtl matcha macchiato and caramel macchiato
Matcha Macchiato and Caramel Macchiato (215php)

 As previously mentioned, the best part is you can enjoy your favorite CBTL along with your food.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict

Dining at Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® reminded us of what we missed during the pandemic: 1.) premium quality and well-presented dishes (for sharing) served hot and fresh from the kitchen, 2.) bright, spacious, safe and clean ambiance, 3.) friendly and accommodating service staffs and 4.) a wide selection of drinks and dishes to mix and match.  With its reasonable price point considering the generous portion of fresh and premium quality ingredients in its dishes, good service and the cozy CBTL ambiance, we highly recommend this place!   

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Kitchen by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® SM Megamall
Business Address Upper Ground of Megamall B, near SM Department Store entrance facing San Miguel Avenue.
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-800
Free WiFi Yes
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