X&Y Coffee Roasters: New Friendly Single Origin Coffee

We've been oriented with the vast and rich world of specialty coffee from the time we began this blog.  For years, we've been enjoying coffee as a delicacy hopping from one cafe to another with appreciation for the convenience of simply grabbing a cup which has been especially whipped up by our local baristas.

x and y coffee roasters

But the pandemic has caused us to explore more into the brewing process and finding the finest coffee sources.   Being able to purchasing some online and having them delivered at our doorstep has been a source of encouragement.

v60 cordillera arabica
V60 X& Y Coffee Philippine Single Origin: Cordillera Arabica

Recently, we have discovered X&Y Coffee through Lazada which offers six kinds of friendly Single Origin Coffee variants: 


3 Proudly Sourced from the Philippines

1. Cordillera Arabic

2. Cavite Robusta

3. Batangas Barako 


3 From The World: 

1. Colombia Arabica

2. Brazil Arabica

3. Vietnam Arabica


v60 coffee

We find the brand name and packaging adept to its friendly single origin concept.  X&Y Coffee has traced and plotted the finest source of coffee beans, packaged them in the best condition and offers them at a reasonable price through accessible online platforms such as Shoppee and Lazada and offline stores.

x & y coffee variants

We ordered from Lazada and it arrived the next day!


To date, we've only opened the Cordillera Arabica since we have this house rule of opening only 2 different packs of coffee beans at a time to keep them fresh and flavorful.  

The best thing about Single Origin Coffee is that you can identify its flavor profile judging from the: (1) source - altitude, terrain & climate and (2) roasting process.  Of course, the taste and sensation can still vary depending on your selected brewing method and brewing precision which makes it quite fun and interesting.  Allow us to share our casual Tiktok video of the Cordillera Arabica through V60 brewing method.


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♬ Cute Kitty Coffee - Cat Café Music

Can't wait to try more of X&Y Coffee products and highly recommend them too.

You can buy them -

Silca Coffee Co LazMall: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/silca-coffee-co
Silca Coffee Co Shopee Mall: https://shopee.ph/silcacoffeeco
Check us out on Instagram: @xycoffeeroasters  

SM Hypermarket, SM Kultura and Unimart (more outlets coming soon!)

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