GrabKitchen Mix and Match: Now Available for Malate and Parañaque

We've been hearing about GrabKitchen for quite some time now.  It now has multiple locations all over the Metro. 

grab kitchen mix and match malate
Dishes from GrabKitchen Malate: Omakase, Pepi Cubano, King Chef and So Mot

You can simply type "GrabKitchen" in Grab Food and GrabKitchen Mix and Match and you will see the GrabKitchen locations that are available for your area.  


So we chose the nearest in our area - GrabKitchen Mix and Match (Malate) which carries:

(1) Omakase, (2) Frankie's, (3) Recovery Food, (4) Paper Moon, (5) Yogorino, (6) Pepi Cubano, (7) Dapo at Tisa, (8) King Chef, (9) La Tita, (10) Selecta, (11) So Mot, (12) Blu Kouzina, (13) Coco Fresh Tea and Juice (14)  Merienda by Pan De Manila and (15) Go! Salads


 If you're from the South, you can check out GrabKitchen Mix and Match (Parañaque):

(1) 24 Chicken, (2) Alishan at the Alley, (3) Army Navy, (4) Cara Mia, (5) La Titas MNL, (6) Kyoto Sushi Bake, (6) El Nacho Libre, (7) Sheikh’s Kebab, (8) Breakfast for 2, (9) Black Kimchi!, (10) Pizza Telefono, (11) Selecta, (12) Omakase, and (13) Dapo at Tisa.


grab food

Upon selecting from multiple merchants: Omakase, Pepi Cubano, King Chef and So Mot, a single delivery fee of 69 php was charged.  We were curious as to the location but it does not appear.  It's okay though cause we can still see the status of the orders and estimated time of arrival. 



Omakase Spicy Tuna Salad
Spicy Tuna Salad (355 php)

King Chef Spareribs and Squid
Spareribs with 8 Spices (480 php) and Salt & Pepper Squid (470 php)

King Chef is not new to us.  In fact, it's an old favorite that we've shared about before already.

So Mot

So Mot Vietnamese Noodles
Mi Xao - Stir Fried Noodles w/ Chicken (195 php), Goi Cuon - Fresh Spring Rolls (188 php) and Banh Mi Ga - Chicken (155 php)

Pepi Cubano

Tito Choripan (187 php)

With GrabKitchen Mix and Match, we were able to have Japanese Spicy Tuna Saladfrom Omakase and Vietnamese Goi Cuon - Fresh Spring Rolls from So Mot as appetizers, Chinese Spareribs with 8 Spices and Salt & Pepper Squid from King Chef and Vietnamese Mi Xao - Stir Fried Noodles w/ Chicken from So Mot as main course.  We even had Vietnamese Banh Mi Ga - Chicken from So Mot and Tito Choripan from Pepi Cubano as afternoon snack.  Not bad for one delivery fee right?

The convenience of GrabKitchen Mix and Match is even greater when it comes to an office or party set up with numerous people with different food mood and preferences. 


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