Colobaba Cafe Philippines: 卡乐巴巴 2nd Branch in Timog Quezon City

Colobaba Cafe Philippines (卡乐巴巴)is now here in the Philippine to bring some color and vitamin boost in our lives.

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 philippines
Superfruit Tea 超级水果四季春茶, Cheesy Strawberry 奶盖草莓, Dragonfruit x Mango 火龙果芒果, Chocolate Souffle 可可舒芙蕾 and Full Mango Ice Flake 雪花冰

To be honest, we haven't dined-in for quite some time!  But, upon discovering that Colobaba Cafe is now open near our workplace in Quezon City, we just couldn't resist making a quick stop to check it out.  

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 quezon city

So yes, Colobaba Cafe counts as our very first dine in for the year 2021.  Colobaba Cafe originated from Taiwan and now has branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, China and here in the Philippines. 

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 timog qc

It is well-known for its colorful fruit juice blends and IG-worthy interiors. We have to admit, we've busy with work and have lessened our blog entries but our love for food photography is still burning with passion as shown in our Instagram.  Follow us there if you haven't already.  

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 timog avenue
This is one cafe that opened amidst the COVID pandemic so naturally, its quite equipped with COVID safety apparatus.  

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 manila
And, the interiors are quite trendy and spacious as well.  

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 qc branch
Check out the second floor work area.  These guys are cozied up for the long haul.  

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 timog branch
There's more space here too.  As we've noticed, every area is equipped with electrical sockets so its convenient for those who intend to use it as a work station.

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 chiller
Tour around the place is over.  Now, let's get on with the food and drinks.  

colobaba 卡乐巴巴 quezon city branch
To maximize social distancing, this is the place we've decided to crash in.  Got to combine caution with comfort.  So we enjoyed our chiq and cozy corner right here. 


We went here on an after-work afternoon so we had drinks and cool treats.  But, Colobaba also serves meals.  

Fruit Tea (巴巴水果茶)

Superfruit Tea 超级水果四季春茶
Superfruit Tea 超级水果四季春茶 (138 php)
A must-try is the Superfruit Tea 超级水果四季春茶!  This fruit tea is a combination of 5 kinds of fruits: pineapple, watermelon, apple, calamansi and lime.  The blend is so refreshing and balanced that you can distinctively taste each fruit component in every sip.  Amazing!

Cheesy Foam (芝士巴巴)

The Cheesy Strawberry 奶盖草莓  (128 php) is hands down the best fresh strawberry drink we've had to date!  We want to drink this again!!!

Yogurt Baba (酸奶巴巴)

Yogurt Baba 酸奶巴巴
Dragonfruit x Mango 火龙果芒果 (188 php)

The iconic drink of Colobaba around the world is definitely its Yogurt Baba (酸奶巴巴) series.  As you can see, it comes in three (3) layers: (1) Mango 芒果 (2) Yogurt 酸奶 then (3) Dragonfruit  火龙果.  This my friends is the reason why we dropped by personally!  You see the blend will mix together in a matter of minutes.  So if you want to take this awesome and colorful bottle shot, you have to order this and capture it at once!

Dragonfruit x Mango 火龙果芒果
Dragonfruit x Mango 火龙果芒果 (188 php)
If you wait a while, the layers will naturally blend together and look like this.  If you have it delivered, this is what you'll see.  As you can see, the dragonfruit is the most dominant color.  As expected, it is also the flavor that stands out the most upon drinking.


Souffle Series (舒芙蕾)

Chocolate Souffle 可可舒芙蕾
Chocolate Souffle 可可舒芙蕾  (168 php)

We've missed souffle so much and was eager to have one again.  Look at this beautiful Chocolate Souffle 可可舒芙蕾!

colobaba Souffle 舒芙蕾
Chocolate Souffle 可可舒芙蕾  (168 php)

But upon taking a bite, we have to admit it wasn't as fluffy and jiggly as we expected.  It was a bit dense and deflated.  The taste though was really good.  It was rich yet not too sweet.  Still contemplating on whether we should give this another try... What do you think?

House Special

Full Mango Ice Flake 芒果雪花冰
Full Mango Ice Flake 芒果雪花冰 (278 php)

Full of happiness is what we felt in every spoonfull of the Full Mango Ice Flake 芒果雪花冰!  We just couldn't help but keep on indulging on this one spoon after another.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict

Colobaba Cafe Philippines (卡乐巴巴)is the best cafe when it comes to fruity drinks and treats!  We're so happy to have this colorful and vitamin-rich drinks and treats to help as combat the COVID pandemic.  Thank you Colobaba for bringing some color, positivity and nutritious food and drinks that is exactly what we need right now!  We'll be singing praises of your good offerings to our friends for sure and we'll definitely drop-by or order through delivery soon.

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Colobaba Cafe Philippines
Branches Timog Quezon City
Unit 9 , ITC Commercial Complex Timog Avenue, corner Panay Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Magdalena Jalandoni St, Pasay, Metro Manila
Business Hours Quezon City: 10:30am - 1am
Pasay: 10:30am - 10:30pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi No
Contact (0917) 880-0567
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