Breville's Smart Oven® Air Fryer Online Launch Event

As we, Millenials, are moving towards healthy living, there's one kitchen equipment that rose to fame for its health benefits and ease of usage.  Yes, you've guess it right - it's an Air Fryer!  It's the perfect solution for those who love frying their food but craving to find a way to make them healthier.


Breville, international premium kitchen label, has perfected the art of producing home partners that makes food preparation easy and healthy.   The brand has continuously stepped up its game over the years to help consumers be masters of their kitchens. So as it concluded its 10th anniversary in the Philippines last 2020, one of its agenda is to present a lot of surprises for the forward-thinking homemakers. One of which is its latest product - the Breville's Smart Oven® Air Fryer.  This product was launched in recognition of the new kind of demand when it comes to home partners as the majority of homemakers started looking into kitchen aids that can match their lifestyle expectations.  This innovation takes utmost consideration of its consumer's home lifestyle and general health as it offers a fun, new, easy and healthy way of cooking their meals.

The Breville's Smart Oven® Air Fryer that it recently launched is already a third generation.  Hence, you could say that this kitchen aid has just #GotSmarter. Among its features it versatility with its oven and air frying function built-in and combined into one smart product.  This smart kitchen aid ensures that the process of frying is healthy as it introduces a new way of making food minus the guilt.

With ten (10) cooking functions and a dual-speed convection feature that reduces cooking time by up to 30 percent (30%) , this convenient and time-saving home partner is really a kitchen must-have.  The Breville's Smart Oven® Air Fryer is even equipped with a smart algorithm that creates an ideal cooking environment that makes food prepration friendly and easy for cooks of all levels - even for young and beginner cooks.

With its “Hey, Home Fryer!” online launch event which will put the spotlight on the brand’s newest kitchen items, it will take on all health-conscious and enthusiastic cooks on a new air frying culinary tour as they explore on the many ways to cook fried food using its air fryer.

The event is open for all.  To join, simply watch its online launch through the Breville’s Facebook Page on April 24, 2021, 3:00 PM.  The event will not only show case the brand's latest kitchen equipments, it will also be participated by Chef Waya Araos-Wijanco (Executive Chef and Owner, Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe, Mental Health Advocate, co-founder of Open Hand School for Applied Arts), Chef Gem Tee (owner, Salta Ristorante), and other passionate home cooks who will share their heritage and modern recipes using the Breville's Smart Oven® Air Fryer.

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