Four in Love BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet: 20% Off on Unli Eats for Four Asian Specialties (SM Manila)

The craze for unlimited Samgyupsal has taken over Manila.  Can you tell what is coming next?  We know!  Four in Love BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet offers an upgraded unlimited buffet experience by combining four different Asian cooking techniques in one.

four in love bbq hot pot buffet
So allow us to invite you to try Four in Love BBQ and Hotpot Buffet especially now that it has a 20% off opening discount until October 7, 2019.  

four in love sm manila
Four in Love BBQ and Hot Pot is located at the lower ground floor SM Manila.  This is only the pioneer branch and more branches will be sprouting soon!

four in love bbq and hotpot buffet
Four in Love BBQ and Hot Pot offers three sets at different price points.  Naturally, the higher the price, the more inclusions. 

Harmony Set (Unli 399 php)
The most basic set is the Harmony Set (399 php) which limits its inclusions to the ones on the buffet spread which includes: 

*Sushi (which may vary)

*Three (3) raw meats: (fixed)
 ~Pork slices
~Pork in sweet marinade
~Pork in spicy marinade


asian sauces
 You can mix and match your own sauce...

four in love sauces
or follow Four in Love's guide.

buffet dishes

 *Cold dishes (which may vary)
 ~Side dishes (like banchan)



*Six (6) kinds of hot dishes  (which may vary)



*Desserts (which may vary)

Wealth Set (599 php)
Includes in addition to those above:
*Premium beef chuck
premium beef
Premium beef chuck in sweet marinade
*Premium beef chuck in sweet marinade

premium beef buffet
Premium beef chuck in spicy marinade
*Premium beef chuck in spicy marinade

*Chicken thigh cut

The chicken thigh parts served were really tender and soft to chew.  

sweet chicken thigh
Chicken thigh in sweet marinade
*Chicken thigh in sweet marinade

spicy chicken thigh
Chicken thigh in spicy marinade
 *Chicken thigh in spicy marinade

*Pork belly
*Beef rib eye
*Salmon belly
*Korean Spicy noodle

beef short ribs
Beef short ribs in mozzarella cheese dip
*Mozzarella cheese dip

Abundance Set (799 php)
Includes just adds three (3) quality food items which for us makes it very worth it:

beef short plate
Beef short plate
*Beef short plate
*Beef short ribs
 We love these the most!



Now that we have all the ingredients, let's talk abut the four (4) Asian cooking technique that Four in Love has to offer.

We can divide them into two (2) major categories: 

four in love grill
(1) Thai Mookata (add 99 per table)
(2) Korean Samgyupsal (included in price)
(3.1) Japanese Yakiniku

Hot Pot (add 99 for 1 soup and 159 for 2 soups per table)
(3.2) Japanese Shabu Shabu
mala steamboat
Mala Soup

(4) Chinese Hot Pot Steamboat (火锅)

shabu shabu dip

Drinks (add 39 php)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Four in Love BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet offers a top-notch bbq and hot put buffet experience.  For the 20% off price, the Abundance Set is definitely worth a try!  Because of the soup and mookata add-on price, its best to bring at least three companions.  Overall, we Tsinoy Foodies enjoyed the grill, hotpot and sauce mixing experience.  We also liked the three price point for the sets so you can choose depending on your appetite and budget.  Perhaps, for simplicity though, the price could be more inclusive for the soup and drinks.  

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Four in Love BBQ and Hotpot
Business Address SM City Manila, Lower Ground, 
Ermita, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-1,000
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 2923095

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