Moul Chheng-Heang: Unforgettable Tom Yum and Frog Legs (Siam Reap Cambodia)

Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

When I booked a flight to Siam Reap for a solo trip, my family was surprised why there.  I said why not?  It was amazingly cheap!  Soon, my best friend joined in but none of us prepared an itinerary because we were both busy with work.  We ended up relying on Tripadvisor and other online tips which led us to Pub Street.  It was only on our last day that I took my time to explore and discovered Moul Chheng-Heang along Taphul Road.

Moul Chheng Heang
I invited my friend but it was not chic enough for him.  He decided to dine elsewhere.  While dining, I got to talk to tourists near my table.

Moul Chheng Heang Menu
The place is downright simple but its always packed with people even without a Tripadvisor Sticker or rating which restaurants in Pubstreet boast of.

When you see restaurant signs or menu with "Khmer", you'd think that "Khmer" cuisine is the same as "Cambodian" cuisine but its not.   But the two cuisine are different in a way that one is broader than the other.  Khmer is more specific to the indigenous dishes.  Cambodian carries with it influences from China, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and France.

tom yum seafood
 Tom Yum Seafood (2.50 USD)
I saw every table ordering soup served in this Tom Yum Hot Pot.  

tom yum seafood
♥ Tom Yum Seafood (2.50 USD)
To be honest, I have been searching all over Manila for a good Tom Yum.  But, I have never felt satisfied.  Once I tried Moul Chheng-Heang's version, I instantly acknowledged that it is by far the best Tom Yum Seafood I have ever tasted!  I think the secret is in its ingredients.  It even has the Fingerrooot which is called k'cheay in Cambodia or ខ្ជាយ in Khmer.

Fried Frog with Green Peppers
 Fried Frog with Green Peppers (2.50 USD)
While we often use Dried Black Peppers in the Philippines, I have never encountered Fresh Green Peppers or Kampot before.  In Cambodia, they use it a lot in generous amounts!  Based on my research, both peppercorns come from the same plant.  But, the process is different.  Perhaps pepper farms there are more accessible so they can get them fresh from the market.  Anyway, the Fried Frog with Green Peppers beats all Chinese frog dishes I've tried here in Manila!  I don't think its just because of the pepper but in the cooking preparation as well.  The frog meat tastes clean and fragrant and tender and juicy as well.

Like in the Philippines every meal is served with rice.  Since I ordered two dishes, I was supposed to have two bowls of rice.  But, told them I'd only have one.  The rice is similar here too!

fresh mango shake
♥ Fresh Mango Shake (0.50 USD)
You can find fresh fruit shakes in every street in Siam Reap for a standard rate of 1 USD so I found this Fresh Mango Shake  at 0.50 USD a bargain!  I bought one during my meal and one to go.  I saw other customers doing that too!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Had I discovered Moul Chheng-Heang as soon as I landed in Siam Reap, I would have eaten here more often and tried more of their dishes.  This place made my Siam Reap trip quite memorable.  In Siam Reap, even food stalls offer free WiFi.  The WiFi here is also fast and reliable. 

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Moul Chheng Heang 
Business Address No. 412, Group 7 | Taphul Village, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, 
Opposite Salina Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 50-200
Free WiFi Yes
Contact +855 12 841 558
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