Martin Place Social: Hospitality with a Heart served in fun Australian fashion (Arya Plaza BGC)

Is there more to good food than just satisfying appetites and filing up our newsfeeds with tons of food photos? That’s probably the question that went into the mind of the founders behind Martin Place Social in Arya Plaza, BGC because Martin Place Social is not just a restaurant;

martin place social
Martin Place Social is an integrated restaurant and training institute run by Ausphin International Institute as a live kitchen for the Institution’s students. Like American Bounty run by the Culinary Institute of America, Martin Social Place is the experimental training ground for Ausphin’s promising students in culinary arts and restaurant management

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But serving a higher purpose is not enough to attract diners to a restaurant—after all, most of us place a lot of weight on how much we love the food and the dining experience when choosing a restaurant. Leveraging on their Australian background, the guys behind Martin Place Social created a restaurant that embodies the Modern Australian dining experience and is inspired by the eclectic cafes in Sydney and Melbourne.

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You may be wondering what Modern Australian cuisine would taste like, I certainly was, and the invitation to sample some of Martin Place Social’s food was a good chance to finally know what Modern Australian cuisine is!

cold brew negroni
The evening started off with a round of drinks—a typical Aussie custom, who knew?  I had a glass of Cold Brew Negroni, others had a glass of what seemed like lemonade. ( Unfortunately, they did not have a menu for their cocktails so I can’t say for certain what the second drink was or what the prices are—sorry about that!)

secret fish taco salad
Secret Fish Taco (over fried soft taco) (320 php)
Immediately following the drinks were two plates of Secret Fish Taco served two ways: fish served atop a crispy taco and salad, and fish served in a taco shell drizzled with sauce. 

secret fish taco salad
Secret Fish Taco (in hard taco shell) (320 php)
We were told that the fish used depended on what was available in market and changed from time to time depending on what fish was available that day. The secret sauce; however, remained a secret but gave the fish a nice burst of sweetness and sourness.

Mixed Wild Mushroom Bruschetta
Mixed Wild Mushroom Bruschetta (450 php)

Next was a plate of Mixed Wild Mushroom Bruschetta—something new from their brunch menu. This was, hands-down, my favorite dish. The eggs, still a little runny, were cooked the way I liked it and the truffle flavor just paired wonderfully well with the eggs and parmesan cheese.

Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu
Following the tasty Bruschetta were the mains—Chicken Katsu and Mountain Pork Belly Salad! I’m absolutely certain that the Chicken Katsu goes by a different name on the menu but I simply cannot find it! (sorry readers ☹).  The lack of the proper dish name is quite embarrassing especially since Katsu brings to mind the dish that Yabu popularized a few years back but the katsu (chicken fillet) served here is a bit different—there’s a bit of heat mixed together in the sauce and the Asian slaw served on top lends a sourness not found in Katsu! 

Mountain Pork Belly Salad
Mountain Pork Belly Salad (480 php)
The Mountain Pork Belly Salad is served similar to the Chicken Katsu but instead of a dish with a salad siding, this dish is a salad complemented by pork belly. The salad is made up of Asian Slaw, Pickled Carrots and everything is drizzled over by Nam Jim Thai sauce and a caramel glaze. 

Apple Cinnamon Frenchie
Apple Cinnamon Frenchie
Last, and certainly not the least, were the dessert! We were served two desserts to close the meal—a plate of Apple Cinnamon Frenchie and Macy’s Cheesecake

marys cheesecake
Macy's Cheesecake (280 php)
Both were good, but the Apple Cinnamon Frenchie is my favorite between the two. Sure, the Apple Cinnamon Frenchie may actually be more breakfast than dessert but anything with a healthy dollop of sugar is considered dessert in my books. The dish had unexpected hints of coconut which helped round out the sweet taste of apple and syrup.

martin place social
Part restaurant and part school, Martin Place Social by Ausphin International Institute is not only a place for discerning diners to feast on tasty Australian cuisine but also a training ground for aspiring chefs, cooks, and restaurant managers to start a career culinary arts and restaurant management in Australia. MPS is a wonderful example showing that profit and passion can come together as a force for food, I mean good.

About Contributing Author:  Hilary Hao 
Hilary is a foodie, photographer and aspiring food blogger.  She and the main author of Tsinoy Foodies were classmates on a short food photography workshop three years ago.
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Martin Place Social Modern Australian Dining & Wine Bar 
by Ausphin International Institute
Business Address The Plaza, Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City
Business Hours Weekday: 7am-12am
Weekends: 7am-2am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-700
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 245-8492
Other; Instagram: @martinplacesocial
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