Ramen Nagi: Now Open In Signa Residences Valero Makati

It's been more than three years since I first tried Ramen Nagi.  That was the time when the Ramen Craze just landed in the Philippines.  Having more ramen houses with multiple branches has proven that ramen is here to stay and has become part of our food culture.

ramen nagi
Good news for Makati peeps because Ramen Nagi has just opened its very own stand alone store (not a store mall) in Signa Residences Valero Makati that is open until 12 midnight.

This is the very first Ramen Nagi that has a ramen bar style.  It's just like it's neighbor Mendokoro Ramenba but with a another bar type on the side and casual table set up on the outside.


Just for the opening of this new branch, Ramen Nagi offered the Nagi Jiro as a Limited King (only 100 bowls) for this branch alone.

Nagi Jiro (490 php) plus add ons
I was surprised with the Nagi Jiro!

Just look at the huge Jiro Chashu chunks!  I almost couldn't finish this because it has a heapload of beansprouts and it wasn't my only order.  But, it was so good that I just had to.  I advise you to finish it as fast as you can though because the chashu gets tougher to bite as it gets cold and dry.

green king
Green King (Midori) (410 php)
After 3 years, I'm happy to report that the serving size, price and consistency of the Green King (Midori) is exactly the same. =)

Side Dishes

perilla gyoza
Perilla Gyoza (240 php)
They didn't have any side dishes before so I got a bit excited in ordering, not expecting the huge Jiro NagiRamen Nagi also launched their new flavored side dishes.  So for their Gyoza there is Perilla, Garlic and CheeseI loved the Perilla Gyoza!

matcha chicken karaage
Matcha Chicken Karaage (290 php)
The Chicken Karaage also comes in three flavors: 7 Spice (300 php),  Curry (270 php) and Matcha (290 php).  The Matcha is bitter and bold.  Try if you think you can appreciate its authentic Japanese taste.  I liked it but my mom found it to be quite bitterish to her dismay.

katsu roll
Pork Katsu Roll (295 php)
Surprsingly even with the new flavored Gyoza and Chicken Karaage, everyone still loved the Pork Katsu Roll the most.

So there you have it.  Now you have Ramen Nagi Signa Residence (found at the Ground Level, Signa Designer Residences, V.A. Rufino St. corner Valero St., Salcedo Village) to consider when you have those late night ramen cravings!  And, they have great side dishes so you can tag along friends who may not have the same craving as you do.   Ramen is also my ideal break time meal whether for lunch or dinner or in between since it is served and eaten quickly.

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