Bistro United: Have You Tried Tilapia Ice Cream? (D Strip Kapitolyo Pasig)

There are times when we eat for convenience and there are times when we eat for exploration.  My visit to Bistro United is for the latter.  And, let me tell you I have come to the right place - if not the best place!  Have you tried tilapia ice cream?  Well, if not you have too!  There's also so many other intriguing items on the menu that I just have to share!

bistro united
Since I wasn't familiar with the area, finding this was a bit of a challenge for me.  Next time, I will search and mark for D Strip instead. 

bistro united
Love the tiles!
But, I'm so glad I found it!  It was well-decorated and very spacious.

The food is as top-notch as its interiors.

bistro united
Smoked Fish Pockets (125 php)
Starting of with the Smoked Fish Pockets.  The triangular taco-shelled finger food delivers an initial crunchy sensation before unleashing the mellow salty, savory and succulent shredded smoked fish filling.
bistro united
Nacho Poppers (105 php)

I think the saying "once you pop, you can't stop" applies to the Nacho Poppers.  The combination of the salsa with the mango is amazing!

Soup & Salad
bistro united
Crispy Ubod Salad (125 php)
If you want a healthy dish that's offers a fun crunchy experience, then definitely go for the Crispy Ubod Salad.  Love the texture of the components as well the taste of the dressing!

bagnet ravioli
Bagnet Ravioli (245 php)
I really admire how bold Bistro United got when they innovated the Bagnet Ravioli.  But, I somehow missed the crunchy skin of the bagnet which I loved that was underplayed in this.

roast beef
The Amazing Roast Beef (415 php)
The Round Table's Buffet is famous for The Amazing Roast Beef.  I'm so glad that they've decided to offer this ala carte in Bistro United.  This is truly amazing!!!

adobo sa mangga
Adobo Sa Mangga (395 php)
If you ask me what is the one dish I would pick at Bistro United, then definitely it is the Adobo Sa Mangga.  Can you believe that this doesn't have any soy sauce?  Instead, it has mango puree and bagoong?  I've never encountered something so interesting and balanced at the same time.

ube rice
Dalandan Chicken with Ube Rice (245 php)
I'm really biased towards Ube.  Since my childhood, I could not resist ordering Ube food products and dishes upon discovering their availability.  So naturally, I liked the Dalandan Chicken with Ube Rice.  Although I have to admit, if the Ube flavor is stronger, I would have loved it even more.

kare kare
Porchetta Kare-Kare (245 php)
The Porchetta Kare-Kare is another must try!  I'm not recommending it for the porchetta alone but also for the rich delicious sauce.

All Day Breakfast
arroz caldo
Arroz Caldo Overload (155 php)
While the Arroz Caldo Overload did not appeal as intriguing as the other dishes, it gave me a nice nostalgic comforting feeling.

spiced salmon burger
Spiced Salmon Burger (340 php)
The Spiced Salmon Burger is delicious!  I still prefer Slice's Salmon Burger but this comes so close.  I'd settle for this anytime of the day.

roast beef po boy
Roast Beef Po-Boy (330 php)
If you prefer sandwiches or need a to go meal, the Roast Beef Po-Boy is a great alternative to the The Amazing Roast Beef.

fried chicken sandwich
Fried Chicken Sandwich (255 php)
Look at the beautiful egg!  That is what makes eating this Fried Chicken Sandwich a challenge if you're a neat freak.  But, totally worth it.

banana fritters with salted yema
Banana Fritters with Salted Yema
When you're used to eating our local favorite "turon", the Banana Fritters with Salted Yema could take a while before you're taste buds could get used too.  But indeed, the crunchy, mushy, salty and sweet combination works well.

double baked brownies
Double Baked Brownies

The Double Baked Brownies is moist and fudgy at the same time. 

carrot cake
Gold Medal Carrot Cake

My companions enjoyed the Gold Medal Carrot Cake.  Since I'm not much of a sweet eater, I found this too sweet for me.

tilapia ice cream
Tilapia Ice Cream
Don't ever dine at Bistro United without having to try their Tilapia Ice Cream.  It is really good!  I actually bought a pint of this for 275 php.  It's such a great welcome treat for house guests.  All of them seemed quite pleased with the new and interesting experience. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Tsinoy Foodies highly recommends Bistro United for an amazingly unique dining experience.  Seriously, this place deserves more buzz with its genius menu items!  Plus, the ambiance and service is superb too. 

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Bistro United
Business Address D-Strip Building, 20 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-700
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 706-1668

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