Larry's Cafe & Bar: A Night of Fulfilling Comfort Food (Serendra BGC)

Metro Manila, Philippines

One of the restaurant groups I admire as it has stood the test of time is LJC group.  This time I was out to try LJC's Larry's Cafe & Bar in Serendra Bonifacio Global City.  

larrys cafe

Compared to the more spacious Cafe Adriatico, Bistro Remedios and Abe's Farm which I have visited in the past, Larry's has its distinct modern and cozy interior. 

larrys cafe
I actually thought that LJC restaurants focused more on Filipino cuisine but looking at the menu of Larry's, I noticed that they had a whole range of comfort food from mid-priced to upper-scale items such as their Jamon SerranoIt also covers all meals of the day as they even have breakfast meals.  They also have shisha (Arabian water pipe) available in different fruity flavors

larrys cafe and bar

It also has a chiller filled with their delicious cakes which makes it an ideal stopover for an afternoon snack or dessert.  They have a large selection of drinks such as milkshakes and tea to pair with the cakes too.  As the family quickly finished the Sansrival slice I brought home for them, we could probably try more of their cakes on another visit.


Empanaditas (165 php)
To start our meal, we had the Empanaditas filled with spinach and pine nuts.  It has the right flakiness and thickness so I enjoyed the pastry shell.  I can't help but be amazed that this does not taste like greens or healthy at all.  I bet kids and those who don't like their leafy vegetables will enjoy this too.
vegetable samosa
Vegetable Samosas (150 php)

The Vegetable Samosas was served with sweet and tangy tamarind dip.  

vegetable samosa
Vegetable Samosas (150 php)
Each Vegetable Samosas had a delicately crisp shell that delivers a wonderful crackle before bursting with its surprisingly juicy and flavorful vegetable filling in every bite.

eggplant caprese
Eggplant Caprese (295 php)

Beautifully plated in a long platter are the bite-size Eggplant Caprese.  The roasted eggplant, Laguna white cheese and arugula sprinkled with pesto and olive oil melodically mixed well together.

baked bone marrow with garlic
Baked Bone Marrow with Garlic (295 php)

warm bread
Served with a warm basket of bread, the Baked Bone Marrow with Garlic eaten as a spread is so irresistible that I felt all my worries of its guiltiness melted away when its heavenly, garlicky and buttery savoriness slowly massaged my tongue imploring me to welcome more of it into my belly.  


watermelon and feta cheese salad
Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad (220 php)

The Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad was served on a square vase-like glass cup.  It was a playful presentation with the green romaine lettuce on the side and diced watermelon and feta cheese cubes on the center with a drizzle of white balsamic vinaigrette.  

Main Course
american beef stew
American Beef Stew (460 php)
The American Beef Stew is US top blade beef slowly cooked so it's very soft that even its tasty nutritious ligaments were easy to mince.  The sauce is rich and zesty which makes it very enticing especially with its its mashed potato siding. 

larrys lamb curry
Larry's Lamb Curry (595 php)

The Larry's Lamb Curry is one of the best lamb dishes I have ever had.  This could easily fool those who are against a lamb's gamey taste as it was very clean tasting and soft that you'd think it was beef.  The cashew curry blend was rich in spice yet creamy and smooth as well.  It is served with diced fried bananas, boiled egg and raisins.

fillet of galunggong a la nicoise
Fillet of Galunggong a La Nicoise (295 php)

The Fillet of Galunggong a La Nicoise is the most extravagant version I've encountered.  There was not a hint of fishiness in it and because it is boneless, I found it pleasurable to munch.  

chicken scaloppini pancetta
Chicken Scaloppini Pancetta (395 php)

The Chicken Scaloppini Pancetta is a huge portion of flattened chicken breast fillet bathe in an alluring creamy Italian bacon and mushroom sauce.  You can choose your side: french fries, mashed potatoes or steamed rice.  We had the first option.

verdura panini
Verdura Panini (255 php)
An equally hefty meal by itself is the Verdura Panini.  Filled with onion zucchini, tomato and gooey melted mozzarella with basil pesto, this is a must try.   

grand mariner souffle
Grand Marnier Souffle (265 php)

The Grand Marnier Souffle looks fantastic with its big puff that of course collapse once I had my spoonful of its minty fruity white foam of goodness.  It comes with three mini slice of orange that you can suck on to contrast the sweetness. 

pecan tart
Pecan Tart (155 php)
Nut addicts like me will find the Swiss-style Pecan Tart delightful.  It is simply crushed pecan nuts and caramel laid on a tart shell.  

lava cake
Lava Cake (165 php)

Being a chocoholic, the Lava Cake got me excited. It is served with vanilla ice cream topped with sliced almonds.  

lava cake
Lava Cake (165 php)
 It's rich oozing chocolate lava is enough to draw the chocoholic in me. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Overall, the dishes at Larry's Cafe & Bar exceeded my expectations.  Each dish was well-executed and portion is good for sharing.   

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Larry's Cafe & Bar
Business Address Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 7am-12pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-1,000
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 8560527
Other  Website
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