Roku Sushi Ramen Donburi Opens in Level 1 TriNoma Garden (Quezon City)

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I still can't get over last night's grand opening party as Roku Sushi Ramen Donburi opens in Level 1 TriNoma.  

roku sushi ramen donburi trinoma

roku sushi ramen donburi trinoma
Mika Romero Inviting You to Try Roku!

Roku is a family-oriented and student-friendly Japanese restaurant concept formulated by Mika RomeroMika has been yearning for a good quality Japanese casual restaurant near the University where she studied.  Since she can't find any, she decided to put up one herself with the guidance of her mother Sheila Romero.  

roku sushi ramen donburi trinoma
Roku means 6 because they are 6 in the family.  And, they want Roku to embody their family-oriented passion in everything they do.  

roku sushi ramen donburi trinoma

As a shy wallflower type of foodie, I was really overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the party.

roku sushi ramen donburi trinoma
The event was graced by the Ayala Top Management, celebrities and politicians.
roku sushi ramen donburi trinoma

There were also media, fellow bloggers (spotted on the photo above are: Arcee of TheBagInvestigator.Com, Jonel Uy and Marjorie Uy of SeatForTwo.Com, Aldous of and Instagramers (spotted on the photo above are: @sheroseontimare, @thehungrychef , @maxieissuper@thebaldbakerph and @manilaeatup).  Though I was to shy to approach them as their follower, I was glad to see these people who I look up to.


Music performances of Curtismith and  St.Vincent & The Grenadines rocked the party.  
And, of course there were tons of food!
pork gyoza
Pork Gyoza (169 php)
Pork Gyoza is pretty good.  Thin and soft shelled with succulent juicy ground pork.

dream roll
Dream Roll (259 php)
 Our favorite with tempura-battered salmon, kani and cream cheese.

firecracker roll
Firecracker Roll (249 php)
 Too bad I was the only one on our table who can tolerate spiciness so I had to finish the Firecracker Roll all by myself ~ with pleasure. =p

sailboat roll
Sailboat Roll (259 php)
 The Sailboat Roll has spicy tuna with crunchy wantons.  Loved the appearance and the experience it delivers too.

ss roll
S.S. Roll (249 php)
The S.S. Roll  is tasty salmon teriyaki on top and filled ith salmon skin, cream cheese and cucumber.  Yum!

Gyudon (sample portions)
The Gyudon is so good because it has shitake mushrooms to enhance the flavor.

chashu shoyu tonkotsu
Chashu Shoyu Tonkotssu (sample portions)

Roku's Tonkotsu broth (boiled for 12 hours) was specially created by Japanese Ramen Master, Kenji Dobashi of famous ramen house Kagari in Ginza, Japan.  Their chashu slices are  slow-cooked and marinated for 8 hours.  So you could really taste so much of the rich goodness in every sip of the Chashu Shoyu Tonkotssu.

roku vicky bello
Kampai to Roku

roku vicky bello

I really enjoyed the night!  And, I will definitely try more of their dishes (and review them) with the family next time
P.S. In case you've wonder how I ended up in such a party...  I was invited by one of my longtime instagram followers to attend Roku.   When I first heard this, I was really surprised and quickly turned red.  Up until my recent acquisition of the Zenphone 2, I swear my instagram photos were horrible.  My family and relatives were literally begging me not to post anymore because my photos were not recognizable or if they were, they looked disgusting.  Even now, none of my siblings follow me on instagram because of that.  So, whoever has been my follower ever since deserves my utmost gratitude and I would certainly like to thank them in person haha.  My photos are now recognizable so hope you can follow me @tsinoyfoodies

Roku Sushi Ramen Donburi
Business Address GF Garden Restaurant Trinoma Mall, Edsa Corner 
North Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10 am - 9 pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 150-600
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None

Other  Facebook Fan Page
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