Red Table Korean Fast Casual: Best Korean Restaurant in SM Manila

Being students working for the experience, we were on a tight budget so we found it quite challenging to look for a place to eat in SM Manila every lunch.  One place we frequented is Red Table Korean Fast Casual.

red table korean fast casual
I dare say that Red Table is the best Korean restaurant in SM Manila since there are only three Korean restaurants there.  The other two are Bonchon and Mr. Kimbob.  We frequented Bonchon too along with Yoshinoya and Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles.  As much as we wanted to dine at Mr. Kimbob, which to be fair is not far below Red Table and prices are incredibly affordable, we always failed to garner a seat at the SM Food Court. It is always very crowded during lunch time. =(

red table korean fast casual
Just as other fast food restaurants, they adopt a pay as you order system.  Upon paying, you will be issued a number and your orders will be delivered at your table.

red table korean fast casual
For a casual restaurant, they offer much space than expected.  It also had an excellent modern minimalist interior with posh cushioned booths, yellow dangling lights, an open kitchen and a high ceiling that keeps it well-ventilated.

They also sell Korean ice cream.


Ramyeon & Guksu
Original Ramyeon (99 php)
My typical order is the Original Ramyeon.  It's a fulfilling bowl of spicy soup ramyeon with egg.  It is served with kimchi

Seafood Guksu (150 php)
The Seafood Guksu is a very flavorful thin noodle in clear broth with seafood and nori.  I really like the firmness of its thin noodles.  It is also served with kimchi.

Our all-time favorite is their Bibimbap Not only is it the cheapest bibimbap I've ever encountered, it is also very customizable. 

You can choose the toppings:
  • Bulgogi
  • Vegetable
  • Dubu (Tofu)
  • Chicken
  • Tuna
 You can also choose the sauce:
  • Hot gochujang
  • Ssamjang
  • Sesame soy sauce    
  • Gyeoja dwenjang
Heated Stoneware Bowl: Bulgogi and Ssamjang Sauce (175 php)
Heated Stoneware Bowl: Buglgoi and Ssamjang Sauce (175 php)
You can choose whether traditional style or heated stoneware.  Obviously the latter is better for just an addition of 10 php.  A set is served with kimchi and a bowl of soup. 

Bulgogi Deopdap (180 php)

We also tried the Bulgogi Deopdap which was delicious at first but then the sweetness gets too overwhelming.  Other than that, I find the serving portion and beef quality of their bulgogi to be more than expected.

FREE Iced Tea
As if their pricing were not attractive enough, they  even have a lunch time promo that offered free iced tea for every meal.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Red Table Korean Fast Casual is a must try when in SM Manila.  I really feel that you're getting more than you're spending for. The service is excellent as the staffs are friendly and quick to assist.

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Red Table Korean Fast Casual SM Manila
Branches SM Manila
4/F, SM City Manila, San Marcelino Street, 
Manila, Metro Manila

RCBC Makati

SM City San Lazaro
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 100-400
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None

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