SAB Bistro: Hearty Food Plus Serene Ambiance (Angeles Pampanga)

Angeles, Philippines

My favorite stop during the Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 (#MAFT2014) is SAB Bistro.  As soon as we arrived, I was already allured by its inviting facade. 

sab bistro
It's strategically located at Mac Arthur highway and has a wide parking area so its very accessible and convenient for diners. 

sab bistro

It's one of the best interiors I've encountered.  The place is bright, homey, clean and cozy.  It is well-lighted with spherical drop lights.  It's got comfortable lofts and minimalist tables and chairs.  It has a clean white brick-designed walls with cute frames containing witty quotes.  Its serene ambiance just makes you feel glad and relaxed. 


buffalo wings
Buffalo Wings and Vegetable Crudites with Blue Cheese Dip (160 php)
The Buffalo Wings is covered in a nice blend of spicy and sour sauce.  This is really good rendition of the classic buffalo wings.  

baked mussels
Baked Mussels (170 php)
The Baked Mussels was fresh and cheesy!

butternut squash soup
Butternut Squash Soup (95 php)
The Butternut Squash Soup was thick, rich and creamy.  I loved this!

salad sabine
Salad Sabine (160 php)
The Salad Sabine had mixed greens, caramelized apple slices, water buffalo's milk cheese, cottage cheese, toasted walnut bits and raspberry vinaigrette.  This gained the approval of all my companions. 

pasta la mer
Pasta La Mer (170 php)
The red cream sauce of the Pasta La Mer appeared to be light and yet it wasn't.  You could taste the richness of the sea with just a forkful.

chicken enchilada casserole
Chicken Enchilada Casserole (145 php)
The Chicken Enchilada Casserole may seem like ordinary casserole.

chicken enchilada casserole
Chicken Enchilada Casserole (145 php)
But, the Chicken Enchilada Casserole is actually a hefty and zesty meal with shredded chicken in white sauce wrapped in soft flour tortilla laid on a bed of sweet tomato sauce (with fresh tomato bits) and topped with mozzarella cheese.   I give this an A+ for creativity and taste.  

chicken pesto sandwich
Chicken Pesto Sandwich (140 php)
 The Chicken Pesto Sandwich is served in an appealing heart shape with their house potato chips and alfalfa.

chicken pesto sandwich
Chicken Pesto Sandwich (140 php)
The Chicken Pesto Sandwich is a ciabatta bread toasted like a panini with grilled pesto chicken strips, shitake mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  I rarely eat sandwiches and I'm hardly impressed by one but damn... this is so good!

Pork and Beef
beef salpicao
Beef Salpicao (220 php)
Wow! is what everyone exclaimed upon trying the Beef Salpicao.  Everyone was captivated by its savory, creamy and garlicky sauce.  The beef cubes was also so tender that biting through was so effortless.

Steak & Chops
wagyu ribeye
Wagyu Ribeye (450 php)
The Wagyu Ribeye is a must try!  It's a pretty good steak at such an unbelievable pricing.  I'm told that their wagyu is genuinely sourced from Japan. 

grilled chicken fillet
Grilled Chicken Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce (210 php)
My friends enjoyed the Grilled Chicken Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce.   But, it was my least favorite among the bunch.  I'm impressed at how it was grilled with precision so it was so tender and juicy.   However, the saltiness overpowered the herb flavors.  
Fish and Seafood
seared salmon spinacci
Seared Salmon with Spinacci (295 php)
The Seared Salmon with Spinacci is a perfectly seared salmon with spinach cream sauce.  By perfectly seared, I mean that it was golden brown crusted on all sides which locked in the pinkish and juicy salmon within.  It is served with mashed potato and buttered vegetables.

prawn thermidor
Prawn Thermidor (310 php)
Just a side story... While I was taking a photo of the Prawn Thermidor, a foreigner from the neighboring table said to me "Hey wanna take a photo of a diner eating that?"  I politely told him that I had to try it for myself so I can share it to the readers of my blog.  Seeing him finished with his food and drinks and fiddling with his tablet, I asked him for his feedback with his meal.  He said "I've been to four restaurants before this one and I stayed here because this is the best one I've tried."  So I told him "Wow!  I can't wait to try our meals then."

This Prawn Thermidor is indeed as good as it looks.  It's got a mysterious sauce that is blended with the mozzarella cheese.

cookie surprise
Cookie Surprise (110 php)
The cookie surprise is an oreo fans' favorite dessert.  And, I luckily happen to be one. 

cookie surprise
Cookie Surprise (110 php)
The Cookie Surprise is their version of the famous wicked oreos or deep-fried battered oreos.  So far, this is the best I've tried yet.  It didn't feel oily and it has sinful but good vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge dip.

chocolate heaven
Chocolate Heaven (160 php)
The Chocolate Heaven is inspired by the Frozen Hot Chocolate of Serendipity 3 in New York which is chef Saira Yap's favorite.  It says in the menu that the Chocolate Heaven is good for sharing.  Well, it was so good that it didn't even reach my end of the table.

red velvet cheesecake
Red Velvet Cheesecake (145 php)
I am never a fan of popularly loved red velvet.  But, this Red Velvet Cheesecake is simply to die for!  This beats the pricier red velvet cheesecake of Italianni's.  The red velvet and cheesecake was so well-matched. 

house blend iced tea
House Blend Iced Tea (55 php)

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I'm very pleased with my dining experience at SAB Bistro.  Aside from the beautiful and serene ambiance and hearty food, the staffs are very courteous and friendly.  The young owner chef Saira Yap is also very hands-on and passionate with the cooking and management of her restaurant.  I believe that is the essential ingredient in the making of eery successful establishment.  It's also a great hang out place because it has the fastest WiFi among all restaurants in Pampanga.  I can't wait for their branches to open in Mc Kinley Hill Tuscany Estates and SM North Edsa.

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SAB Bistro
Business Address 192 Mac Arthur Highway, Balibago,
Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Business Hours 11am-12mn
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi Yes (fast and reliable!)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (045)304-0385 | (0917) 510-8618
Other  Facebook Fan Page
Disclosure:  This review is part of the Metro Angeles Food Tour (#MAFT2014) organized by that aims to promote the local partner establishments in Angeles City Pampanga by sharing our objective review.  Everything we tried was provided for that purpose.

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