Stackers Burger Cafe: Healthy Delicious Baked Fried Chicken and More (Eastwood City Walk)

Eastwood information center, Orchard Road, Quezon City, Philippines

Since Eastwood City is very far from home, the family makes it to a point to make a very wise and selective dining choice when we do.  We've always been epicurious to try Stacker's Burger Cafe and so there we dined.

stackers burger cafe
Stackers Burger Cafe in Eastwood City Walk 1 is open 24/7.  While we were dining, we can't help but notice how busy the place was with so many diners rushing in.  Good thing it has a spacious area with dining options inside or al fresco.  They also offer FREE WiFi. =)

I discovered that Stackers is not the usual burger joint.  It has a very comprehensive menu.  You can visit it even if you don't feel like having burgers and leave equally or even exceeding satisfied.

Soups & Salads
chicken tenders salad
Chicken Tenders Salad (165 php)
Since I'm a very balanced eater who happens to love salads, I tried the Chicken Tenders Salads.  The Chicken Tenders Salad comes with shredded lettuce, cabbage and carrots topped with chunky and crispy chicken strips and drizzled with nutty and zesty oriental dressing.  The oriental dressing is one of the best dressings I've tried!  It has a dominant mango flavor with sesame essence.

Premium Burgers
For their burgers, you can opt for single or double stack of their 100% certified pure Australian Angus beef patty.

jack burger
Jack Burger (195 php/Single)
The Jack Burger is their best-selling burger.  It has crispy bacon strips, sauteed mushroom, melted Monterrey jack cheese and Swiss cheese, lettuce, quarter pound Angus beef patty and tangy ranch dressing.

all american loft burger
All American Loft Burger (195 php/Single)
My brother had the All American Loft Burger which has american cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, quarter pound Angus beef patty and honey mustard sauce.

My little sister who is such a picky eater had the Pepper Crunch Burger (195 php/Single) and really loved it!  I'll try that on my next visit.

the penthouse
The Penthouse (688 php)
Of course, I didn't intend to leave Stackers without conquering The Penthouse!  It's basically three stacks of the double Angus beef patty All American Loft Burger.  But, without the top brioche bun for the latter two stacks. 

To be honest, this reminded me of my encounter with Zark's Jawbreaker Burger which I gave up on after having only 3/4 of it.  The torment of that experience  made me feel intimidated with The Penthouse.  But, as soon as I got to try the first layer of The Penthouse, I knew I could finish it.  I swear Stackers had the best brioche burger buns ever!  It's so light, soft, moist, tasty and chewy that you'd want to have some more.  The double Angus beef patty was so tender and juicy with natural bold beefy flavors.  It's not overly seasoned or marinated so you get to appreciate the quality of the meat.  The caramelized onions, fresh tomatoes, gooery Monterey jack cheese and American cheese, crispy lettuce and honey mustard dressing made the experience even more sensational.  It was an amazing feeling to have my appetite intact and wanting for more even as I emptied the wooden board.  But of course, I felt my bulging tummy as my pants became tighter too. =))   

P.S. I highly suggest that you request for gloves and eat this with your hands like I did for a more wholesome experience.

Stackers Bakeed Fried Chicken: Stack & Go
jumbo stack
Jumbo Stack (1,050 php/15 pcs.)
For take-outs on any lazy day or party ideas, I highly recommend availing the Jumbo Stack of Stackers Baked Fried Chicken.

jumbo stack
Jumbo Stack (1,050 php/15 pcs.)
I'm sure this beautiful crate box will make you the star of the meal hehe.

jumbo stack
Jumbo Stack (1,050 php/15 pcs.)
The Stackers Baked Fried Chicken is better than fried since its baked and has 80% less oil.  I was surprised at how enormous they are!  I usually eat 2-3 pieces of chicken in a meal.  But for the very first time, the entire family was satisfied with just one piece.  My health-conscious siblings usually donate their chicken skin to me but not this time.  They just couldn't resist the perfectly crunchy and healthier (80% less oiled) skin.  Plus, the chicken meat was so tender and juicy.  You just have to try this!  For the price, I'd choose this healthier option any time of the day. 

Side Stacks
crispy fries
Crispy Fries (55 php)
For carbs to enjoy along your Stackers Baked Fried Chicken, the Crispy Fries is a good choice.

Mini Milk Shakes
coffee oreo
Coffee Oreo (65 php)
The Coffee Oreo is a combination of my two addictions so I was an easy bait.  I ordered the mini size to lessen the guilt hehe.  It's so cute!  However, I found it to be overly sweetened for my taste.  The sweetness overpowered the fragrant taste of the brewed coffee.


stackers iced tea
Stackers Iced Tea Large (60 php)

If you've been reading my post, you'd glance through my disappointments over overpriced non-brewed iced teas.  I'm happy to share that the Stackers Iced Tea Large is not only affordable but a very good blend too.

ifood card
Ifood Card
I'm very happy with my experience at Stackers that I got my own Ifood Card.  I just love cards.  For only 350 php, you can avail the Ifood Card with a validity of 1 year.  It entitles you to a 15% discount and 1 php rebate.  Plus, a 25% off voucher for your birthday month (Can't wait to use this!).  If it expires, you can renew it for only 150 php.  By renewing, you can turn over your earned points to your new card.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Stackers Burger Cafe as a burger joint is already one of the best available.  But, it's more than that!  Whether it's for Salads, Burgers or their Baked Fried Chicken, you definitely can't go wrong.  The price is very reasonable for the quality food their offer.  I look forward to my next visit.  I'm surely going to try the Pepper Crunch Burger and perhaps try the "Build You Own" burger next.  I just have an issue with the "Build You Own" option though, I can't seem to find the buns!  I'd wouldn't want to stack many Angus Beef Patties without the delicious buns in between.  I hope they make that available.  If they do, who knows I might even stack a burger taller than The Penthouse right? ;)

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Stackers Burger Cafe
Branches Eastwood
Orchard Road, Eastwood City Walk 1, Eastwood City
Quezon City, Metro Manila

4/F Resorts World Newport Commercial and Entertainment Center

Alabang Town Center

Lower Ground Floor, The Garden Alabang Town Center


Lower Ground Floor, Food Court Promenade, Greenhills

The Annex

Upper Ground Floor, SM North EDSA, The Annex
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours) EXCEPT Eastwood open 24/7
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge None
Budget/Person 100-800
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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