Osaka Ohsho: Gyoza Goodness and More at Megamall's Fashion Hall Building D

From a humble gyoza stand in Osaka in 1969, Osaka Ohsho has earned it's distinction as the world's number 1 gyoza restaurant.  It has grown to more than 360 locations across Japanese and is expanding internationally as well.  It's now finally in the Philippines!  

Last Saturday, the family wanted to check out the new Megamall Fashion Hall Building D.  We decided to try Osaka Ohsho which had a lot of people queued outside.

Original (350 php/12 pcs.), Cheese (380 php/12 pcs.) and Nori Gyoza (380 php/12 pcs.)
Of course, the first thing we ordered are their Gyoza which comes in three flavors:  
  • Original - enjoy the succulent meaty flavor
  • Cheese - oozing with cheesy goodness
  • Nori Gyoza - added crunchiness and seaweed flavor
osaka ohsho gyoza
Nori Gyoza (380 php/12 pcs.)

Each Gyoza is cooked perfectly see!

Appetizers & Salads
crab cream croquette
Crab Cream Croquettes (225 php/2 pcs.)
We loved the Crab Cream Croquettes!  It was so crunchy on the outside and really creamy on the inside.
miso soup
Fresh Miso Soup (70 php)

Stir Fry
black vinegar chicken
Black Vinegar Chicken (325 php)

I liked the Black Vinegar Chicken because it was an interesting play of sweet and sourness.  Well, it was more on the latter and I wouldn't have preferred it in any other way.  The chicken was also very juicy.

Agemono (Deep-Fried)
chicken karaage
Japanese Style Chicken Karaage with Grated Radish (330 php)
My mom enjoyed the Japanese Style Chicken Karaage with Grated Radish because she enjoys light tasting dishes.  The grated radish was a great complement for the crunchy and juicy crispy-coated fried chicken.

Rice & Noodles
fuwatoro tenshin han
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (310 php)
The Fuwatoro Tenshin Han is a silhouette of egg covering the koshihikari rice with sauce.
fuwatoro tenshin han
Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (310 php)

I enjoyed the fluffy texture of the egg together with the slightly thick sauce of the Fuwatoro Tenshin Han.  But, the price is a bit high even if a serving is good for two.

black chahan
Black Chahan (250 php)
The Black Chahan is good for two but I wouldn't mind finishing it alone.  Everyone gave this a big thumbs up!

For all their rice dishes, you can upgrade to unlimited rice for only 25 php.  But, the rice refill is the plain koshihikari rice.

banana tempura with ice cream
Banana Tempura with Homemade Japanese Ice Cream (330 php)
For dessert, we had the Banana Tempura with Homemade Japanese Ice Cream.  It was a delightful way to end a meal.

Matcha Milk Smoothie (130 php)
I also tried the Matcha Milk Smoothie.  It was sweet and creamy.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Trying our Osaka Ohsho's Gyoza offered in various flavors is a fun experience!  The food quality is pretty good.  You have to pay a bit for it though.

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Osaka Ohsho
Branches 3/F SM Megamall Fashion Hall (Megamall D)
Julia Vargas Ave cor. EDSA Wack Wack, 
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-1,500
Free WiFi Yes (SM WiFi)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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