SikLab Filipino Favorites: Bistro's Filipino Concept Opens in Greenbelt 3

As my "The Bistro Group Premiere Card" is only good until early December, I've been trying to explore as many Bistro Group restaurants as I could.  I'll admit, you'll rarely see sparkles on my eyes when it comes to Filipino cuisine.  But since Siklab Filipino Favorites is a Bistro concept, I thought I'd give it a shot.

siklab filipino favorites 
Siklab means "to catch fire” or “burst into flames" so I guess the performance is quite a ceremony to catch the attention of passerby.

siklab filipino favorites

The ambiance is comfortable yet casual.  The emerald green and black are cool and pleasing to the eyes. 


kuhol sa gata
Kuhol sa Gata (215 php)
Whenever I dine out, I usually go for what we don't cook at home.  The Kuhol sa Gata is one of such.  It takes skill to pick quality kuhol or snails and cook them nicely. 

kuhol sa gata
My Empty Shells

The Kuhol sa Gata are so addictive!  Check out my empty shells.  I think I ate most of it.    

crispy bacon belly
Crispy Bacon Belly (255 php)
Bacon is probably one of the most popular foodie favorites.  Thus, the Crispy Bacon Belly is sure to be a hit with its savory flavor and perfect crunchiness.  

BarBQ Chicken
barbq chicken
BarBQ Chicken 8 Pcs. (895 php)
 The BarBQ Chicken are tender juicy with tasty marinate!  The price is quite reasonable too.

Fiesta Favorites
binagoong liempo
Binagoongang Liempo (325 php)
The Binagoongang Liempo is similar to the Crispy Bacon Belly since both are fried.  Yet, I liked this better because it was more crunchy, fatty, meaty and with saltiness from the eggplant with shrimp paste.


Pinakbet (175 php)
My mom is from Ilocos, I've spent almost all my childhood vacations there and almost all our maids are from there. So I'm very familiar with the place as well as their food.  The Pinakbet tastes even richer than at home and I really loved the sinful crackling pork skin. 

Rice Reloaded
sisig rice
Sisig Rice (245 php)
I don' know if I'm just accustomed to the flavorful types of fried rice but I found the Sisig Rice quite dull with only a few bits of pork sisig, crackling pork and shreds of scrambled eggs.

All Filipino Desserts
Biko (155 php)
My mom adores kakainin.  She always buys them so I've tried a lot of it.  This Biko served with chocolate soil and white latik is delicious but a bit sweeter than most of its kind. 

turon 2.0
Turon 2.0 (235 php)
The dish that won my heart would be the Turon 2.0 because it's no ordinary turon.  It's homemade caramelized cones filled with banana compote, langka, macapuno and two small scoops of banana and ube ice cream.  I was just being nice to my companions.  But in truth, I really wanted more than my fare share of this!

Healthy Drinks
juice almighty
Juice Almighty (110 php)
The Juice Almighty is a carrot, pineapple and lychee juice.  I've always been impressed with Bistro's drinks but this one is an outlier perhaps.  I couldn't sense much of the carrot, pineapple or lychee... It was mostly sweet. 

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Silkab Filipino Favorites is something worth checking out for Bistro fans who love Filipino dishes.  It is also recommendable for tourists who wish to familiarize themselves with Filipino cuisine.  The food are good for sharing and the price is just right. 

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Silkab Filipino Favorites
Business Address 3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St. Ayala Center,
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10 pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 200-400
Free WiFi Yes (same bistro password)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 729-7431
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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