Kichitora of Tokyo: Now Open in Glorietta 5 with More Offerings

Ever since our previous visit at Kichitora of Tokyo, I've been yearning for their Shibuya Tokyo originated ramen.  So it's great news that they opened a branch at Glorietta 5.  

kichitora of tokyo glorietta 5
At first glance, I knew that this is bigger and better than their first. 

kichitora of tokyo glorietta 5
The narrow dinning area from the entrance extends to an ever wider part.  The black motif with kimono patched walls are still carried over.  And, as the name Kichitora means lucky tiger, there is an evident tranquil looking tiger amongst cherry blossoms printed on its wall. 

kichitora of tokyo glorietta 5
This one also has a bar by the open kitchen area.  

kichitora of tokyo glorietta 5
Each table has a set of condiments. 


Ala Carte
Gyouza (150 php / 5 pcs.)
I can still remember the magical sensation when we first tried their Gyouza.  This time around I'd still say its the best one I've tried  with its juicy and tasty ingredients: vegetable, ground pork, spices and herbs.  But, the skin was not as crisp and silky thin as I recalled. 

chicken karaage
Chicken Karaage Single (150 php)
The Chicken Karaage is another impressive option to try!  It's golden brown batter with a hint of ginger is fried to perfection.  The juicy and tender chicken meat is also as stupefying.

ban ban ji
Ban Ban Ji (195 php)
The Ban Ban Ji with toasted tortilla, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, lettuce and its glorified moist and tender chicken chashu slices served with sesame dressing was another hit!  I swear this dish will make you fall in love with their chicken chashu slices.

chicken paitan shio ramen
Chicken Paitan Shio Ramen (395 php)
No one should ever leave Kichirota without having their Chicken Paitan Ramen.  During our first visit, they didn't offer the option for Shio or Shoyu neither the option for Chicken or Pork yetSince we had this with chicken before and loved it, we had that again.   As we want to appreciate their original special broth which took 8 hours of preparation, we choose the Chicken Paitan Shio Ramen.  As I've heard, this is the road less taken as most prefer the Shoyu or soy sauce based.  Upon first sip, I was enshrouded with glee over this!  This simply incomparable to any ramen!  In terms of noodle texture, I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again.  It is exemplary as it is firm and chewy! 

paitan ramen zenbu no se
Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se (395 php)
To try something new, we ordered the Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se.  One slurp was all it took to be blown away by its bold smokey meaty flavor.  Its Ajitsuke Tamago or egg is cooked runny just the way I like it.  The smoky pork chashu slices was really tender but it had a lot of fatty parts and the skin was thick!  I know I praised the classic Paitan Ramen already but this one has its own X factor to make it a must try too!

tan tan mien
Tan Tan Mien (395 php)
The Tan Tan Mien is the same paitan broth with pure sesame paste topped with minced pork, sesame seeds, bokchoy or pechay, spring onions, fried garlic oil and spicy oil.  This is good but not in the league of the previous ones. 

hokkaido white miso nabe
Hokkaido White Miso Nabe (Good for 6 bowls)
The Nabemono selection is their latest menu additions.  As the usual nabe or hot pot offerings I've encountered are Sukiyaki, Curry or Kimchi based, I was quite thrilled to try something unique like the the Hokkaido White Miso Nabe.  It had a subtle tasting miso broth with tender beef strips, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables.  

almond jelly
Almond Jelly (150 php)
The Almond Jelly is a light dessert of slightly wet almond jelly toppd with mango cubes and strawberry slices.that's perfect as a meal-ender.  Despite feeling heavy and full, I finished this with ease.

coconut pudding matcha azuki
Coconut Pudding with Matcha and Azuki (150 php)
I enjoyed the Coconut Pudding with Matcha and Azuki more because it was not sweet at all.  It was also something unusual so it allured my adventurous taste buds.

Update (January 25, 2014): Visited this branch again.  The Gyouza and Chicken Karaage was not cooked well. =( The Ban Ban Ji has better presentation and had more ingredients! =) The new Soy Ramen was a huge hit among us.  The Nabe selections are not on the menu so ask the servers for it.  It runs out quickly during weekends.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I'm so glad that Kichitora of Tokyo is headed in the right direction (getting bigger and better) because I've always been routing for it!  I have recommended this to all my relatives and friends and so far, I've been receiving positive feedbacks.  I look forward to my next visit! 

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Kichitora of Tokyo
Branches Glorietta 5 
2/F Glorietta 5, Ayala Ave Ayala Center, 
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2/F, SM Megamall Atrium
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
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Contact (02) 775-1100
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