Izakaya Kenta 居酒屋けん太: Revisiting for More!

Last month, I was invited to try more of the dishes at Izakaya Kenta.  I've been to the place several time on my own accord including my first time experience which I've shared here.  I enjoyed every meal I had so I gladly took a short walk from home to attend.

I got to learn that Izakaya Kenta wasn't new.  It was formerly located at the ground floor of Malate Bayview Mansion.  But, it underwent relocation for a better space and was replaced also with a better management.


Santenmori (400 php)
As the name implies, the Santenmori is a three variant sashimi platter.  It is composed of Maguro Sashimi (tuna), Hamachi Sashimi (yellow tail) and Ika Sashimi (squid).  I can attest from my visits that they always serve fresh and quality sashimi.  

Nigiri Moriawase Jou (550 php)
The Nigiri Moriawase Jou is an assortment of Nigiri Sushi: Maguro Nigiri (tuna), Hamachi Nigiri (yellow tail), Sake Nigiri (salmon), Saba Nigiri (mackarel), Ebi Nigiri (shrimp) and Hoso Maki: Tekka Maki (tuna), Tobiko Maki (flying-fish roe), Uni Maki (sea urchin) and Tamago Maki (egg).  I recall being impressed by a grander plating in my previous meetings.  But, it is still as delicious!

Potato Salad (200 php)
The Potato Salad was the star of the night.  Everyone was quite pleased with it.  I couldn't agree more. 

Supagetti Sarada
The Supagetti Sarada is probably new since I have not encountered it there before.  It has the same blend so just order one of them to avoid redundancy.  We all agreed that it works better for the Potato Salad.

Tori Kara Age (290 php)
The Tori Kara Age is our family favorite.  As expected, its crunchy coating and juicy meat was applauded by my fellow food bloggers as well.

Tako Potato (180 php)
I've tried Takoyaki before but never Tako Potato.  This is an interesting hybrid of a potato croquette and Takoyaki.  I liked it!

Gyu Suteki
It's my first time to encounter the Gyu Suteki.  If I translate it to English, it means "fancy beef".  I'm quite surprised that it was served in an authentic Japanese restaurant because it was looks western.  It's a sweet and saucy beef steak topped with roasted garlic and served with french fries and corn.  I failed to appreciate this. 

Gindara Teriyaki
The Gindara Teriyaki is drenched in teriyaki sauce.  I have to point out that they can't cook this consistently.  On one visit, it was dry and overcooked.  On another visit, it was cooked wonderfully moist and had the right amount of teriyaki sauce.  And on this last visit, it had too much teriyaki sauce resulting in an overpowering saltiness that you could no longer appreciate the natural flavors of the Gindara.

Okonomiyaki (350 php)
This is the thickest Okonomiyaki I have ever encountered.  It looks promising especially since it was pricey but sad to say, it delivered more on air and batter compared to the fillings.  


They also have excellent sake which brought much delight to my companions.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
As I've stated before, Izakaya Kenta is a great place to try out authentic Japanese dishes.  The Tori Kara Age and Kabutoni is a must try!  Plus, the service and ambiance is superb.  They also intensified their WiFi which is now fast and reliable.

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Izakaya Kenta
Business Address G/F Malate Bayview Mansion, 
1781 M. Adriatico St. Malate
Manila,Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch:  11 am - 2:30 pm
Dinner:  5 pm - 11 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 523-1874
Other  Email: izakayakenta@gmail.com Facebook Fan Page
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